f0xmail: I’m A Wolf Who Wants A Nerdy Fox. Help!


Ayo Jamari…

I’m an inexperienced wolf from Chi town. Been having trouble meeting other black dudes in my area that get down…but I’m attracted to bruthas that are pretty much the opposite of myself. I like them soft, nerdy type (but NOT fem) niggas that mostly into anime and ready comics. Well, low and behold I was run into this one cute lil’ dude in my local Target. Dude is so so adorable and I been tryna put the moves on him for a minute but I can’t really get a read on him. He could just be one of them geek-ish black dudes but not get down and if he got down do you think he would be into white wolves??? But I did lowkey snap a picture of him
18532him(i feel like a stalker now SMH) so you guys could see if maybe it looks like he mess around.

What do you think?
And how should I approach him?


 i love when wolves hit me up.
its always interesting when they need advice.

29w4oipthe beauty of gays is we are all so different.
people like to condemn one life choice because they may not “agree” with it.
on the other hand,
doesn’t give a fuck and say like who you love.
tumblr_m3nvj1ujos1qk71sao1_500i know i will.

so you want to know if the person in the picture gets down.
i could sit up here and say:

“the way how he is looking down that aisle.
definitely into men.”

…but alas i won’t gas you up.
see the blessing and the curse is that we don’t really know who likes men.
there are so many people who are fuckin’ around these days.
it isn’t until they hit on you,
or get exposed by some jackal,
that we will truly never know.
some are extra thirsty and will be all up in your face.
others are shy and come off like they don’t like you.
its all a toss up.
you have to get into his radar so he can show some kind of interest.

looking in your eyes
big cheesy smile
looking “alive” when he is in your presence
finding a way to touch you

you can tell when a dude is attracted to you.
your foxhole senses starts to ding.
you will be able to see right through them.


the way to approach him takes your wolf-like observation.
assuming you work at that target,
you have the power to walk up to him and ask:

“can i help you with something?”

also do a quick scan.
find something to ask him about.
his shoes.
his shirt.
his jeans.
his glasses.
strike up a convo based on appearance and go from there.
personally his kicks look cool so i’d go from there.
once you get that going,
you can gauge to see what you both have in common.

if you don’t work there,
then it maybe a challenge.
you will have to break your shyness and find a way to approach.
same procedure up above with something to ask him about.
you will have to pick up quickly if he is feeling you tho.

as far as preference goes,
ANYONE can be attracted to strictly snow.
that is a choice.
that is his dating history.
people can get hurt one time by their kind and convert.
then there are those who are completely color struck.
it all depends.

it won’t be easy trying to spot one of us in public,
but if you won’t know if this one likes you until you start observing.
tbh meeting your opposite is better in college.
hell you might bust a nut at the library.
crssydif this one doesn’t work out,
you should enroll in a couple college classes.
you have many places where the nerdy fox hangs out.
he is the one sitting by himself at the front of the class.
he is the one waiting to do a group project.
he is the one who will help you with your homework.
late at night.
in your room.
*wink wink*
so whatever you decide to do,
good luck and keep me updated!

jamari fox

need advice?
i’m waiting to help: CONTACT

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: I’m A Wolf Who Wants A Nerdy Fox. Help!

  1. I’m curious as to who this wolf is. He sounds right up my alley. I’m a bit of a nerd and I dig all those things. Plus I plan on moving to Chicago pretty soon myself. Hook me up Twin! Lol

  2. It’s nice to see that wolves goes through the same unsureness that fox do. No one can tell anything about homeboy from the picture above (besides he has nice taste in footwear). I agree with everyone else you’re going to have to make the first move and find some way to start conversation with him.

    If you do work there and he’s a regular just ask him if he needs help finding an item or something then take it from there. If you don’t work there but see him a lot I say you go with the asking him questions about his dope kicks and see where that leads you.

    1. Everyone is unsure about a person at some point Mikey. It is not a Fox thing. Us Wolves do not have X-ray gaydar lol. Life would be so much easier if we did tho.

  3. I hope he take the chance to talk to him. But you know what sucks? When your crush only like a specific color or race, then you have to say goodbye. I remember I had a crush on this other brownskin Rican dude who like snow and it was heartbreaking.

  4. Sounds like he’s looking for me. I even have (real prescription)glasses to put on when he wants to role-play jock vs nerd.

  5. Y’all n these damn pictures lol. And who’s finger is that in the corner? You were in a hurry huh? Trying not to get caught. What if dude realized he forgot to pick up those Scott paper towels he just walked past? I’m kidding.

    On some real shit, I can’t tell you anything. That pic is not enough for me to give my expertise lol. However, from experience I can tell you that you have to go ahead and make that move on dude. I struggled with talking to guys in the past. I had the confidence, but I was afraid of getting my face kicked in. I got over it though, and I did this by figuring out ways to spark up a normal conversation. I might compliment dude on his kicks, I might make a comment about how cold it is knowing he will respond, or I even might crack a couple of jokes. Whatever the approach is, make sure it is something you are comfortable with.

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