How The Attentionisto Issues A Statement (Show You Not How)

1483564_1376714065912103_1236625428_oso jon jon lamar,
( x the attentionisto ) who got exposed by funky dineva,
decided to post a statement for his following.
an f-bi sent me what he had to say…













“i don’t leave the house without wardrobe valued under 2,000”
he then posted this:

10919497_319597561570159_488808807_n…and said he had to “go shopping to cheer himself up”.
so one mo gin’:

fake-smile-gifwell in a perfect world,
nothing would be said.
this is an attentionisto world so something needs to be said.
if his spirit was urging him to speak,
he could have said:

“the way i chose to live my life is really no one’s business.
its very sad that people have to resort to tarnishing my reputation with slanderous gossip.
i hope that whatever it is you wanted to accomplish you have achieved.
have a blessed year!”

simple and to the point.
looking conceited and common doesn’t make him come off very likeable.
unless someone leaks a foxxx of him,
where those honey bunz are getting a good pounding,
you can best believe i’m done with this hyena.13next!

24 thoughts on “How The Attentionisto Issues A Statement (Show You Not How)

  1. Lol, The Man, I def feel you bruh re: this Martel character…I was irked like shit while watchin that video tom’bout what a bottom should know (and he should know)…I mean, I could tell w/in 5-10 sec into the video that clown ass mofo wasn’t what he was hopelessly perpetrating as…and then I check his IG and unfortunately gaze upon him in all his double-nipple pierced glorly sprawled out on his stomach w/ his ass out ‘n tooted up adorned in a hella masculine pink/yellow jockstrap/bikini (?)…THA FUCK?!….Yo,I’m a true wolf through ‘n through and this is beyond appaling he’d consider himself amongst the ranks…smdh…I hate labels, but these fake “tops” kill me almost as much as the ones they somehow convince to climb on their backs, I don’t get it…I’ve met plenty of these fakesters wantin “D” on the low, and upon meeting them I’m turned off and decline cause they’re too soft for my tastes….to all my foxes/hybrids out there, don’t be fooled…we still exist!

    1. I’m going to keep it real. I kind of feel bad and I’m going to tell you why. The comment I made above was because I thought Jon Jon and Supaman were the same person. If I knew they were not, I would not have said what I did. However, it held some truth to it, and my feelings towards other men who claim to be tops. I would not call all of these tops fake. We have to face the fact that all tops are not masculine. Like Foxes, tops come in a variety of forms. Some are masculine, some may be butch queens, and a few may even be feminine. Every man in the life has a different definition of masculine as well. Some will claim to be masculine, while having feminine mannerisms, gay lingo dripping from their tongues, and walking like women. You and I seem to be on the same page regarding masculinity tho. We would never be caught with our ass out lol. EVER. There are many fraudulent tops out there though. Many of them are versatile, and proclaim to be tops to appear more masculine to others who do not know their sexual past. There is nothing wrong to admitting you like to be piped down, nothing at all.

  2. whenever a man posts that he doesnt leave the house in anything less than 2k value i’m DONE..hence the current reason why this generation is screwed up such a huge following of people who worship fashion labels and etc…if you want to impress show me something that you value that goes beyond the physical because that gets old…there are countless men with big dicks, handsome faces and nice bodies that walk this earth

  3. Sorry, but I don’t respect men like him.

    I unfollowed him because he appeared to me a vain, label whore, with no job.

    Label whores irritate because I feel like if you buy something expensive to wear it should be subtle and classic mixed with less expensive pieces where ppl want to ask you where it’s from.

    These label whores can barely leave the Gucci store before they post what they bought.

    Now I know why the old country folks tell you to stay away from people that aren’t used to anything because they’ll get you killed.

    He’s attractive but that won’t last long and neither will his money train.

    1. I agree. You can always tell when people are not used to shit because they will not stop gloating when they do get it. It’s sad. Bragging as if you worked for it. GTFOH

  4. Oh and he was quick to point out in all caps how he’s in “TOP” health… but that video he acknowledged was taken from his phone had him on all fours shaking and clapping that big ass like a proud bottom….not to mention that all the tea being spilled has him being the submissive cunt being pounded by the tranny tran. Chile…I guess.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up bro. I thought they were the same person. They almost look like twins.

  5. Those are bad ass shoes tho. I have no problem with the way he lives his life or gets his money that’s him. I do feel like he could have responded better to the hate he was getting as Jamari said. I understand he’s upset at total strangers giving their two cent on his life (but when you post your business on the gram for your thirsty followers, people are going to give their opinion). Just wish he came off a little more humble and not arrogant in his response.

  6. I don’t understand why people made such a big deal outta this or why he got so much hate, he’s a brotha making money the way he wants and living a lifestyle many in the lifestyle would live. Let the brotha breathe!

    1. Making money? Nah. He has a full ride sponsorship. He makes zero dollars and zero cents on his own. It rubs me the wrong way run. A man should be able to take care of himself and have goals other than rummaging through the pocket of others. I would respect him more if he was a prostitute.

  7. Always remember that “Pride goeth before a fall” I see this arrogant spirit around many Black Gay men and now even more straight men, since Gay styles have rub off. You have so many pineapples who self esteem is tied up in White Designer Labels. They rarely have models or sales people who look like you tied to there brand, but these pineapples will break their neck to buy it and be a walking billboard so that they can have an attitude of superiority.

    Now on to this pineapple better known as JonJon Lamar-it is only a matter of time before shit gets real and everything starts to unravel. This deal has Stunt Queen written all of over it, and the shelf life for a Stunt Queen is short. Pineapples never pursue degrees with their fast wealth or enrich their community by sponsoring a less fortunate child in a summer education camp and true I cant tell you how to spend your misappropriated funds but at least save a child while you are living this fabulous life. This dude is gorgeous and I am sure he is using what he got to get what he wants but looks, the game it all one day plays out, and you are left stuck out. If we only knew his back story. I am sure it is one of pain and tragedy and he is wrapping it up in a designer package. Sad but most people who have to live their life on display like this have some serious issues with self esteem and feeling loved.

  8. For someone doing all this bragging, he fails to mention now broke he is. All his money comes from that heshe. HA

  9. That was HILARIOUS!!! This fool said he doesn’t leave the house without $2,000.00 on…good for you. And he placed top in all caps…girl bye. Britney and I are sharing the same expression towards this mess.

  10. That shoe is a badass tho. But yea that the same asshole who made a video about how bottoms should be. He claim to be a top.

    1. Oh…he is that dude. I didn’t like him anyway, so it makes me easier to go in on him lol. If he is an actual wolf, he should be even more ashamed of himself that he does not have his own. He made a video talking about a TOP meeting that he and other tops had, and how bottoms should be. As a Wolf, I found it everything he said distasteful. He’s not what I think a top should be or act like, but I won’t go into that. I’m done talking about this attention seeking ass clown.

      1. That’s actually not the same person. The person you all are referring to is TheeSupaman. He is in the military and his page can be found here: Nice guy actually. But I understand your point. It’s unfortunate that he might have chosen to live this lifestyle but even more unfortunate that it’s quite possibly his “friends” who are reveling in this.

  11. Really! at…

    “I’m in TOP physical health which I’m sure most aren’t.”

    Yes keep assuring yourself how much better you are than everyone else.

    As for the

    “i don’t leave the house without wardrobe valued under 2,000″

    This is why I can’t stand when pineapples get money because that is how most of em act. Materialism is such a turn off. I can understand wanting to spoil yourself. I’m just not down with those dumb Chief Keef type niggas that burn money just because they can. And I mean they literally set money on fire. Stuntin for instagram.

      1. its crazy because I just seen on the news yesterday about 2 more gay guys and 2 transexuals getting caught in stealing people identities for luxury cars and breast implants. They were also in ballroom life. This era is so full of thieves and wannabes and I ain’t talking about school daze wannabes. Im talking fake rich and a fake some body.

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