All The Hardcore Thugs Go To Chris Brown Concerts

FullSizeRender1“dem bullets ain’t loyal”?…
so if anyone of the foxhole is headed to chris brown’s new tour,

you will probably get a sexy thug wolf in the crowd.
oh you didn’t hear?
all the riff raff go to r&b/pop concerts nowadays.
well they all showed up last night to shoot up a chris brown concert.
baller alert got some video of the ratchetness…

According to advertisements, Brown was hosting the ‘Capricorn Bash’ celebrating the birthdays of @power_circle_ent @spicewon and @marlonj2. Video footage captured by attendees show Chris Brown performing his hit single “Loyal” around 1:00am PST when mid-way his security notices that a fight has broken out to the left of the stage. Soon three shots can be heard. A crowd of hundreds disperse and less than a minute later three more shots were fired. San Jose police arrived to the scene to find four people injured. They were transported to a local hospital. A fifth victim walked into a local hospital shortly after. 

Details on the condition of the victims, or their identities, were not immediately made available. Reports say there have been several arrests.

Chris Brown, Karrueche & the rest of his party that were on stage were not amongst those injured. Chris was in no way involved in the shooting that took place.

55-face-without-mouth…at a chris brown concert tho?
i feel sorry for the groupies that was trying to get pipe that night.
strategic plans just ruined ‘n’ shit.
either way that shit is scary.
that second video<<<<
chris has to bring all kind of protection to his concerts now.
condoms AND bulletproof vests.
shit is real out here.

lowkey: so when is chris moving out of la?
i’m not seeing a good end for him there.

article: baller alert | instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “All The Hardcore Thugs Go To Chris Brown Concerts”

  1. The first clue was Fiesta Nightclub, the second clue was San Jose, California, so I dont even have to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle, to know to stay my ass away from this ratchet ass shit. These Cholo’s and Pineapples are all the same, just ignorant AF and always ready for bull$hit to ruin somebody else good time. Im gone stay my ass at the New Edition, SWV, Blackstreet-I got to pay the rent and Child Support Tour. We dont worry about this kind of fuckery.

  2. Wow it’s must be opposite day, the only thing at Chris brezzy concerts are thirsty female fans. I know he booked it once that happened. Oh well he acts like he’s bout that life now he can get a first taste of it.

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