Did Chris Brown Try To Join In The #eggplantfriday Festivities?

tumblr_mlf867hHQn1qi79cgo1_500does chris brown have the biggest pipe in r&b/pop?
it might be the skinniest,
but he could be a contender.
well he posted a picture that he immediately erased on #eggplantfriday.
one of my f-bi snagged it and well…

chrisbeggplanttumblr_mpdl4zKlVP1syhwl7o1_400…i guess that skinny line is supposed to be his print?
he needs to do a better version of a print.
like so:

…and that concludes how to successful do a print.
he kinda does a better job at his concerts:

tumblr_n74ap6UzlL1tudo1po3_250 tumblr_n74ap6UzlL1tudo1po4_250


lowkey: how awesome is #eggplantfriday tho?

*pictures credited to their owners

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Did Chris Brown Try To Join In The #eggplantfriday Festivities?”

  1. He shouldn’t even participate in eggplant Friday we’ve all seen his skinny (but long) piece a few years back when his nudes leaked. Kinda takes out the mystique of eggplant Friday.

    P.S. All that meat above in the other pics can all get i ;p

  2. BOB really kicked off a cool trend among male celebs showing off dick prints aka #eggplantfriday A true pioneer that Bobby Ray has become lol

    That said, it’s not as shocking anymore after he leaked the dick pick back in the 2011. And we’ve had countless gifs of him grinding, thrusting, popping his dick etc …For CB its not the size of the ship, but the motion in the ocean and I imagine his stroke game is on point from the dancing skills.

  3. It must be painful for Chris to be fingerfuck by Kacoochie’s chicken feet fingers. The reason why I’m talking about her fingers is because it seem way more impressive than that thing hanging between his legs.

  4. Chris Brown has as much #EggPlant as Mariah Carey loves NixkCannon. He has NO DICK to write and tell your momma about. Eggplant can only be an eggplant, not a cucumber

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