Kim Kardashian’s Body Is Immune Cold Weather

Kim+Kardashian+Hits+Barneys+New+York+Style+Uq4BJHBCmhRlremember when kim kardashian use to dress her ass off?
she wasn’t scared to wear bright colors.
*pours a little likka*
so its been brick in new yawk this whole week.
on the day (1/8) it was like 10 degrees,
this is what kim kardashian wore in the concrete forest…

tumblr_maejrue4aM1r3nkzcshe is apparently debuting a new style.
on the same night it felt like -0 degrees,
she wore this to john legend’s birthday:

giphy…and here i was layered in everything in my closet.
that cold ass air was no joke!
people was out here with they whole face covered.
shiiiiiidddd whatever spring weather she was in,
please send that over to me.

lowkey: celebs always come to new yawk wearing nothing in cold weather.
i couldn’t do it.
i would have respected her if she had the ugg boots and a bubble.

pictures credited: charles guerin-morgan dessalles/

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Body Is Immune Cold Weather”

      1. I didn’t take fashion classes for nothing. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but believe it or not the cover actually says more than the words.

  1. Isn’t this chick’s fifteen minutes up yet?!! Damn!!
    I’m so tired of seeing/hearing about her and her damn family.

    1. Upgraded or slutgraded? Back then her style were (do I dare say it?). Classy? or classy-ish? But now all she does is show cleavages after the next and black that seem 10x smaller for her body.

  2. Well I guess when all she is doing is hopping from suv to building back to sub she only has to be in the cold for like a min. Smh lucky

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