cough without a mask on in an uber and you’ll get where you’re trying to go quicker

the face only a mother would love.
in this climate of panini,
coughing in public all willy nilly can get your ass shot.
people will turn their heads around with the look of shame and terror OD quick.
someone ran away from me in fear because i coughed with a mask on.
these days,
folks are tired of wearing masks in public.
so much so,
they are catching attitudes and throwing paws if they see you in a mask.
^that mouth breathin’ demon and her equally demonic friends are alleged anti maskers.
they showed their natural mouth breathin’ asses in an uber in san francisco…

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I’m Happy! And I’m Naked! And I’m Colored! Gimmie A Hug!


if he was completely naked and wanted to give you a hug,
would you let him?
just a question.
well this naked gentleman wanted to give random hugs in a cali train station.
and well…

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I Like The Way Colin Kaepernick Strolls Off The Field

it is a sad day for colin kaepernick today,
you know why…
i’m sure they have to find ways of getting rid of chris culliver.
an f-bi sent me a video of colin strollin’ with his frat.
i thought i’d share…

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Premium Meat of My Minute: Colin Kaepernick

there is a new baller wolf that everyone wants to know.
i have been seein’ shorty around,
but who knew the superbowl would blow his whole shit up?…

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Take A HUGE Bite Out My Juicy Apple

I am,
what you would call,
a nerd.

A pretty damn fly nerd, if I do say so myself.
But, I am a huge electronics buff, next to Wolf recruiting and Styling on Hoes.
People actually call me when they need help with their electronic stuff.
I’m not full fledged IT, but a Fox can do a little something.
Today, I watched the Apple Keynote that was held in San Francisco.
 Absolutely blown away!

Ever since I became a blogger,
I realized just how useful Apple is for my craft.
I recommend Apple products to ANY in a creative field.
They are so much better than PCs.
I use to be Anti-Apple,
but after my PC died, I went Mac and ain’t look the FAWK back!…

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Braylon Goes Bye Bye

In early August, the 49ers signed Braylon Edwards to an incentive-laden, one-year contract worth $1 million in base salary, a pittance for a big-bodied receiver with Edwards’ resume.

As it turns out, San Francisco got what it paid for.

The unproductive marriage between the 49ers and the former Pro Bowler ended Tuesday, when the injury-riddled Edwards, 28, was released after collecting 15 catches for 181 yards with no touchdowns in nine games.

Edwards, who suffered a knee injury in Week 2 and a shoulder injury in Week 9, announced his release on his website. Niners coach Jim Harbaugh confirmed Edwards’ release Tuesday morning on his weekly appearance on KNBR.

“I was released today by the 49ers due to my injury that required more time to rehab and hasn’t allowed me to re-sync with the offense,” Edwards wrote. “I wish the 49ers organization the best of luck during the Playoffs. I will be working hard this off season to strengthen my knee and prepare for the 2012 season.”

Edwards had just two catches in the final four games in which he played, and quarterback Alex Smith had a 1.7 passer rating when targeting Edwards in those contests, completing 2 of 11 passes for 14 yards with an interception. In Saturday’s 19-17 win at Seattle, Edwards had more penalties (two) than catches (one).

Still, the 49ers’ decision to part ways in Week 17 is surprising, given that Michael Crabtree (team-high 64 catches) is their only wide receiver with more than 20 receptions this season.

In addition, Crabtree and seldom-used Brett Swain are their only healthy receivers. Ted Ginn Jr. sat out Saturday’s game with an ankle injury, and Kyle Williams didn’t finish the game after he was sandwiched by two Seattle defenders on a kickoff return.

The 49ers will sign a wide receiver to fill Edwards’ roster spot, and they could also be in the market for a tight end with Delanie Walker’s status in doubt for the postseason because of a jaw injury he suffered against the Seahawks.

So why not keep Edwards, one year removed from a 53-catch, 904-yard season, in hopes he could turn it around in the playoffs?

For starters, it probably didn’t endear Edwards to Harbaugh in late November when the receiver told the media before consulting with his coach that he needed time off because of his injuries. Then, there were signs during the past several weeks that Edwards was disgruntled with his role in the offense.

After he played just 12 snaps and didn’t have a catch in a 21-19 loss at Arizona on Dec. 11, he waved off reporters, telling them to talk to receivers on the team who played.

On Dec. 19, Edward was inactive for non-injury related reasons for a 20-3 win against the Steelers. Harbaugh said Edwards was sidelined based on his performance in practices and games.

On Thursday, Harbaugh, asked if Edwards had a long-term future in San Francisco, offered a terse, two-word response: “We’ll see.”

On Tuesday, we did.

Aww my poor big caked Foxy 49er….
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