I’m Happy! And I’m Naked! And I’m Colored! Gimmie A Hug!


if he was completely naked and wanted to give you a hug,
would you let him?
just a question.
well this naked gentleman wanted to give random hugs in a cali train station.
and well…

We see some pretty crazy stuff in the New York subways, but this video from San Francisco’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system might top them all. In it, a naked man runs amok inside the train station, alternating between attacking passengers (which can get pretty scary at times) and doing some really impressive gymnastics.


tumblr_mgez95eSmc1s3098ko1_500that would have been my response to him after i cold clocked his ass.
he should have done that in a ny train station.
preferably one in east new york or brownsville
.i’m sure that news headline would have been interesting.

lowkey: he should have tried to hug someone like him:

note to self: get wolf goons like this.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I’m Happy! And I’m Naked! And I’m Colored! Gimmie A Hug!”

  1. Soooo as long as I’ve been commenting, I never thought I’d see something from my home town lmao. That’s Oakland for ya. I take that station to get home. Either there or 14th. A LOT of crazy stuff happens there though. And is it wrong that I think he has a nice body? Lol.

  2. What is the world coming to? What possessed him to do that shit?

    If that dude up top in those pics were naked I’d let him hug me, sure would, and you all would too. Don’t judge me.

    I wonder if the female would have acted like that if he was fine?

    1. Fine or not I Would have been hysterical he was probably on drugs. S/N Peanut released more pics with Kerry on Bossip.He won’t stop until Kerry comes out the closet and admits they had a relationship. ALMOST all the Bossip comments are anti. PEANUT for beating a dead horse.The pics are innocent riding horses

  3. This bagger is an attention whore. If he’s CRAZY why does he only attack old people and women he should have ‘attacked’ a physically fit man to see who is crazier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5N0U5PSi7Y He shuts ALLLL the way the FUCK UP when the police officer pulls out a baton. This bitch was bored and decided to get some fame … and u guys will find anything with a gym body and a dick attractive huh.. to each his own

      1. Tell em why you mad. LMAO…..

        I’m sure if you posted light skin dudes with tats all day you would satisfy most dudes around here.

      2. you will have to snap out of your feelings brodie.. all I’m saying is that guy pulling that stunt out there is weird.

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