cough without a mask on in an uber and you’ll get where you’re trying to go quicker

the face only a mother would love.
in this climate of panini,
coughing in public all willy nilly can get your ass shot.
people will turn their heads around with the look of shame and terror OD quick.
someone ran away from me in fear because i coughed with a mask on.
these days,
folks are tired of wearing masks in public.
so much so,
they are catching attitudes and throwing paws if they see you in a mask.
^that mouth breathin’ demon and her equally demonic friends are alleged anti maskers.
they showed their natural mouth breathin’ asses in an uber in san francisco…

did she go upside her friend’s heads for continuing to wear a mask as she acted a fool?

i mean,
if one is gonna act like demons then everyone should be in solidarity.
sis in the middle was trying not to get involved.
my favorite was how they tried to make him look bad with their recording:

what amateurs.

i guess they didn’t realize everything gets recorded in 2021.

i don’t get the hostility tbh.
they legit was about to fight him like he spat on them and said they mama was a hoe.
folks really risking their reputations over following a simple rule.


these are the types who will kill us all in a zombie apocalypse.
i’m totally convinced these are the types who will take a zombie home as a pet.

to update the story,
uber has banned them from their platform:

…but can they access lyft tho?
they need them charges filed on them too.
they assaulted that man in there.

i can only imagine what’s the next battle of humankind.

The Vaccinated VS The Anti-Vaxxers

folks about to segregate others for not getting the vaccine in these forests.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “cough without a mask on in an uber and you’ll get where you’re trying to go quicker”

  1. Yeah…promise you I’m going to jail. It was the ripping the mask off of the face for me like what in the entire fuck? Do not touch me. Don’t care about race, age, gender or orientation. That was completely out of pocket. And what is with this attacking people who wear masks and don’t wear masks? The virus is the only one winning in either scenarios. God bless πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. UBER takes no accountability for the passengers, if this driver didn’t have this recorded, he would have been banned off the app without a question. I hope he sues UBER! They should have pursued criminal charges on his behalf.

  3. And they riding in my car, ahh hell naw! That hoe would’ve got dragged that day. There’s a video of her on IG trying to justify her actions! Bum bitch, trying to act black GTFOH

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