9 thoughts on “he liked his girl enough to cheat on her with trans vixens and gay males?”

    1. EXXXXXXXACTLY!!! I’m glad someone else was thinking it too! I was like “Sis…you look suspect too!” He has a type, and you fit the look too old girl. #NoShadeJustSayin

  1. No shade but those trans she showed looked more feminine and prettier than her!
    If I were straight I wouldn’t want my girl with a fucked up wig & smoking 🚬 in a camera that is such a turn off YUCK

  2. I feel like you sharing this is a part of the problem too. And that’s no shade to you but what if he commits suicide? Homosexuality is a big thing in the black community that we have a lot of unpacking to deal with. I don’t like this.

    1. But honestly what about her? She shouldn’t feel away either? I get that outing someone is a huge situation but what about the ppl he lead on along the way? That woman could seriously be hurting as well ..ijs

  3. That “Aretha Franklin ” gif you posted to accompany this tragic story perfectly suits my sentiments.

    I feel so out of touch. Why must everything be filmed , uploaded and shared??

    Is it the Reality TV effect and everyone feeling “All Attention is Good Attention “.

  4. Tbh going through somebody’s phone ain’t even a guarantee anymore. There are appa that hide your creeping. Whole dating and porn apps that look like calculator or something you’d never check. And you can check the phone bill but there are internet calls and one on one live streaming that won’t show up on there. If a person gonna cheat they gonna find a way to. How deep they hide it just shows how resourceful they are or much they don’t want to get caught.

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