it took princess diana to help me understand meghan markle (and myself lowkey)

i never knew much about princess diana and her life.
growing up in barbados,
my family was obsessed with her.
i knew she was loved all over the world and her untimely death hurt so many people.
she was “the people’s princess“.
she brought light and warmth that the other royals didn’t bring.
after all this meghan markle drama,
i was speaking to my good friend diva today about it who helped me to understand more.
she urged me to skip watch season 4 of “the crown” on netflix,
but also do some research on her life.

They treated her so badly.

the demons in the royal family were so jealous of her.
she was charismatic and friendly,
cared deeply about people,
and he was the opposite of what they were.

Imagine being in a kingdom where being YOU is a problem?

it seemed her own husband was jealous of her as well.
he didn’t love her like he did camilla parker-bowles,
who is continuously cheated on diana with.

they both were cruel to her.

once he started talking about the mistreatment,
that was the alleged end for her.

I related with her.
I understood her.

when they have abused you to no return and you start fighting back,
that is when they want to silence you.
how dare you go against the establishment and not play the game?!

as a cancer,
like she was,
i really felt her struggle.
i’ve always cared about other people,
saw the best in others,
wanting to be their friend,
pushed them to be better,
showed up to their events to support,
and a majority returned the favor by hurting my feelings.
i’ve created jealously in others because people simply liked me over them.
my talents have triggered people into trying to sabotage me.
it’s been ridiculous.

Are some people meant to be treated unfairly,
but learn how to fight back against the establishment?

i’m starting to understand the meghan markle story more.
i do think she was naive and i refuse to believe she didn’t research these people,
but i will agree that the way she was treated was absolutely horrendous.
it mirrors diana’s greatly,
although i feel her treatment was worst because look how it ended for her.
i can only imagine the toll that treatment took on diana’s mental health.


People will try to dim your light but DO NOT let them.

being black and gay,
you are already at a disadvantage.
add “kind” and you’re a target.
always fight back and shake the fuckin’ table.
make the day they fucked with you one of the biggest mistakes they ever made.
continue to be kind to those who show the same energy,
but don’t let anyone try to destroy the light within you.
you tell them who you are; they don’t tell you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “it took princess diana to help me understand meghan markle (and myself lowkey)”

  1. Diana was only 19 years old when she entered the Royal family. She never stood a chance. I’m glad Harry is trying to be the husband Diana needed. I believe just like they were jealous of Diana’s coverage they were jealous of Meghan’s….even if it was bad press. She was in heavy rotation in the British tabloids

    1. ^ yeah they took advantage of her when she first entered.
      she was new to that forest,
      like meghan,
      and they didn’t help making it easy.
      she left such a mark on the world and one of the most popular people alive.
      she couldn’t do anything without being in the tabloids.

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