Bow Wow Decides to Stomp All Over The Raz Berry Bush

… Breezy Wolf was talking lawyers and erased his tweets.
Bow Wow went to the air waves….

Bow Wow Responds to Raz B’s Gay Rumor

The music world was set ablaze again by former R&B teen idol Raz B announced details to his tell-all book This Boy’s Life. In the book Raz B “outs” numerous members of the R&B and Hip Hop community: most notable Omarion, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Ray J. Chris Brown, like in Breezy form, hopped on twitter and said that his lawyers would take care of Raz B; claiming that he will eventually own the book and Raz B (PAUSE).

Well Bow Wow has finally responded to these claims. During his interview with KDAY 93.5 In Los Angeles, Bow Wow officially responds to the claims with a laugh. The DJ asked Shad “Bow Wow” Moss were the rumors of him playing with Omarion’s goodies true Bow Wow states:

“That’s Crazy – It’s unfortunate that he needs to write a book to assassinate people’s character. But just a couple of minutes ago we were talking about the chicks I was with.”

Bow Wow also stated that he has no intentions on suing Raz B like Chris Brown, but interestingly enough Bow Wow is confident that the book will never see the light of day. Contrary to Bow Wow’s claims, This Boy’s Life is set for a September release through Corona Sky Productions. This Raz B book seems to have ruffled quite a few feathers. While Raz B promotes his new beverage, (Very Raz- Berry, no I’m being serious, that’s what it’s called) those he has accused on man-on-man love have come out swinging.

Earlier this month, former IMX member Marques Houston denies Raz B claims that they were intimate.


Side Note: Who in their right mind would lie about sleeping with Marques Houston of all people?
And was that really a denial from Bow Wow?
Side-Side note: Raz B released more details, specifically about Chris Brown announcing that his lover was Chicago-based model David Hermosillo in an interview with Los Angeles New Times.

Picture of Hermosillo Below.


I can see that Fox getting that hair pulled,

while getting some serious pipe from the back.

besides that little observation,
that’s all I got.
Oh and Bow Wow – just because someone has been with females,
don’t mean they aren’t balls deep in Foxhole… or the other way around.
Let’s be realistic for a second here.

Cute baby, BTW.
Your genes did good.

15 thoughts on “Bow Wow Decides to Stomp All Over The Raz Berry Bush

  1. very raz berry? I dont see that as a denial from Bow wow, I guess everybody is playing it to a “safe” degree just in case Razburrrry has pics, videos and twitpics, nasty texts, voicemails etc.

  2. Having worked before with crazy people, I find that they are not as crazy as you think and much of what they say is true, but this is messier than a Drag Queens bathroom sink after she puts on her makeup. Damn Raz B must not know of all the shady characters in the entertainment industry, he has went kamikaze on they ass and committed career suicide, if he had any career to speak of, that is. This nigga is going to be a Walmart cashier by the time they finish roasting his ass over a open flame. The truth however will be revealed about these dudes one way or the other and it will set us all free.

    1. LMAO
      3B you are wrong for them K names for ol’ Kasserole.

      But I can’t be mad at Breezy for allegedly making waves in Dorito’s ass.

    2. Don’t think Kamehameha has much a say about anything. She’s just along for the ride. Lil cute fox’s cheeks near all out in that pic tho, guess he was ready for that session after the beach.

  3. Bow Wow issued a non-denial denial lol. And of all the people CBrown could get, and that’s who he (allegedly) chose? Over RiRi? C’mon son…

    Again – no surprises thus far *shrug*

  4. Wasn’t Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri’s relationship strained after JD allegedly walked in on Bow and Omarion in a compromising position while at his home in ATL a few years ago? Hmmm.

  5. If they were really concerned with what was bring said and thought it was false, they would sue. I’ve noticed all they do is hurl insults at Raz and say that he’s crazy, but none of them have talked about suing and actually done it.

    Then again, you can’t claim defamation when the shit is true.

    1. ^i believe their is some grains of truth in this story.
      he isn’t asking for money.
      he is asking to be heard.
      he already got chris stokes on video saying, “i don’t do that shit no more”.
      he has marques in his low key confession.

      when these hoes are out here writing tell alls, it’s “juicy”.
      raz b does it and he is crazy.

      1. I agree.

        Raz B has provided evidence to support what he’s saying. None of the others have. They just say he’s crazy and desperate for attention.

        1. i bet raz b has a ton of evidence to support his claims.
          all guilty parties need to just shut up.
          omarion is quiet.
          he knows the deal.
          raz b has them by the balls.
          breezy wolf is the only one kicking up dust,
          and if he isn’t careful,
          it will go right back in his eyes and mouth.

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