I Don’t Think Ne-Yo Is A Lazy Lover…. Anymore.


Ne-Yo is cummin’ hard
(and hopefully in the good way)…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcMmeHPe_eM]

my damn.
I did not even…
I’m just…

let Ne-Yo have his moment!
let him be great!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Don’t Think Ne-Yo Is A Lazy Lover…. Anymore.”

  1. loool i was bout to share it with u !!!! yeah i always found ne-yo sexy, he was finer b4 but he let him self go, and now he is back,

  2. Well…dayum. That ish was hot. And she was thick – not rail thin…I likes. Lemme find out, Ne-Yo…Imma let you cook.

  3. It might be me but even with this new body he still is not sexy to me. I still love his music and I always respected that he projected the gentleman image with his earlier albums….now it looks like he is trying to get his Trey Songz on. All these music videos are looking the same now from neighbors know my name to no bullshit. Where is the creativity?

      1. I’ll give him a pass with this one. He got his new body & wants to show it off lol; but in general I agree. I don’t see Ne-Yo in the same lane as Songzbird n nem. He should stick to the gentleman crooner

  4. Neyo is my boy. All I need is a good 2 days with him.

    S/N: the girl in the video got fat ass. Damn.

    1. His face doesn’t look the best in that picture, but I can tell he has body…

      Please sir, can I see some more? lol

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