RazBerry Makes An Official Statement Piece

Skeletons about to come right out the closet?


8 thoughts on “RazBerry Makes An Official Statement Piece

  1. no no no let him talk i want to know if those guys are in the D-LOW omg bout china is just a sarcastic word!

  2. Im so sick of RazB and her antics… she need to leave them niggas alone thats why they need to keep their shit to themselves cause these messy queens wanna write books and shit…. smh…

  3. I just hope he doesn’t harm himself or gets harmed by anyone else, and then we gotta wait for hologram Raz-B to give us the scoop.

  4. All that shit is just one big mess of shit. Raz needs to go sit in a corner facing the wall and shut up. His career isn’t doing well and it’s pretty much over for him. It looks like he’s trying to destroy everyone else’s career to get revenge because of what happened. When this nigga turns up missing it’s going to be sombody’s ass I tell you.

  5. still smh raz b just need to let it go really. for all thats suppose to be involved aint responding they on the grind getting paid.

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