this job/career of mine is too perfect

so first up…

When you find a “great” job/career,
regardless of the nonsense involved,
stick with it

as you know,
a fox has been through some things at jobs.
for most of them,
i was pretty satisfied,
but i wasn’t fulfilled.
i finally found a great job/career,
but i won’t lie to you…

…but it’s a little overwhelming.
i’m kinda overwhelmed,

so i get along with everyone.
i came into that job/career and really made it my own quickly.
it’s to the point that if i call out,
they hope i come back into work asap.
my co-workers appreciate me,
and for the first time,
i don’t have any real issues with my supervisors.

The issue is that VP manager is a bit of a perfectionist.

OD perfectionist.
even though he isn’t a total asshole,
he’s almost never satisfied.
for example,
he’ll make you do something over and over because it’s not to his liking.
if he isn’t happy,
he’ll go off on the supervisors and they end up driving me crazy.
not to mention,
i get assigned these random ass projects on top of my duties.
it’s almost like they give you UN-neccassary work to work.
i don’t know if that makes any sense.
my duties are already enough as is…

Why are they loading me with all this extra shit?

so i wanted to ask the foxhole:

How do you deal with the perfectionist semi micro-manager?

now i don’t want to quit or anything,
but has any of the foxhole dealt with this “type” at work?
maybe your parents?
any advice would be great.

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7 thoughts on “this job/career of mine is too perfect”

  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! You definitely deserve it!!! Outside of the extra .. you will be great! Positive vibes and energy your way always. 🙂

  2. spend time with them and ask what they like, what they love and what they hate. People like that you should check in while making progress to see if it is on target. eventually they wi begin to trust you and ket you do it on your own. it takes time learning what people like and for them to trust u

    1. ^OMG TONY…
      i felt something when i read this.
      i’m gonna do the check in while making progress thing.
      i can’t really understand the micro management mind set,
      but i’m willing to learn since i really like my job/career situation

  3. I’m dealing with this shit now. It’s playing the game. You aren’t white. Just do it. And if you fuck up they will blame you first. But what you do in that instance is never bitch out but play the game. Take responsibility. But never let em see your blackness come out. You have access to everything. You can be petty if it comes to it with that info.

    I had a buddy who was GM for an upscale gym. They demoted him for not fitting the mold( being fat). But allowed him to keep his responsibilities as GM (how considerate right) Then they fired him. He still had access. Basically he changed the passwords to all bank accounts and deflected the money to a private account. Then changed his number and moved back in with his parents. They were hunting him down for six months. All gym payments were going to that account. Then he relented and gave them the account info after lambasting them for demoting him then firing him for being fat.

  4. Well what I have learned from my 15+ years in Corporate America is the higher you climb in an organization, the less work you do and get paid a lot more for doing practically nothing. The way these Senior Managers get away with this is they delegate the majority of their work to their staff and call it delegating responsibility or employee development/mentoring and put it on their performance review and they usually are praised for their ability to delegate their work, aka pass off all their work so they can micro-manage the people who they have giving their assignments to so they do not miss deadlines.
    The important thing to remember is these extra assignments are probably something THEY are ultimately responsible for making sure it is completed so if it isn’t done by the deadline, it reflects badly on them, not on you. As someone who use to be a corporate trainer and facilitated classes on performance management, i can tell you communication is the most important thing you should establish with this VP. When they give you the next extra assignment, sit down with them, let them know you would be more than happy to do this for them, then solicit their assistance in identifying time in your scheduled work day that you could be assigned to just the project they gave you, so that you can complete the assignment by the designated deadline. You demonstrate your willingness to help out when needed not to mention you are demonstrating good communication skills and personal responsibility by acknowledging you need time scheduled for this assignment and would appreciate it if they would speak with your immediate supervisor so this can be be arranged during your shift.
    If they are really that picky and particular about how they want something done, then schedule a meeting with them so you can ask them exactly how they want the work done. Then, if you really want to impress and CYA (cover your ass), I would send an e-mail with meeting minutes, listing the details that they gave you as to how they want the work completed. This demonstrates excellent communication skills because you are basically giving them the list/instructions that they gave you on how they wanted it completed. This gives them the opportunity to correct any mistakes in the details on how they want things done and should save you from having to do several revisions because you have the details in a written format.
    Lastly, it seems interesting that a VP is giving you this assignments, I wonder if they are testing you for a possible promotion. It sounds like they are really happy with your work there and this could be a why they are testing you to see how you handle these type of situations before deciding if you have the skill sets to take on the new role. This is something that is commonly done before any preliminary decision is made by management. Just wanted to let you know. Good luck with your new job!

  5. Briefly i bounced around never lasting too long at a job until i was in my late 20’s. Part of the problem was me making moves in order to feel i was making progress, to not get too attached, too seen, known and liked. Emotionally abusive people are everywhere, at all levels, in all flavors. My advice: maintain good boundaries, do the work, don’t take it too personally. A lot of people bring their issues to work either unconsciously/consciously. I chose not to be triggered, be caught up in it, not to own it.
    you might enjoy: one of our salesman ran into travel issues and couldn’t reach his asst by phone “I tried calling you five times!”. She said she was in the bathroom. He said no bathroom until i am on the plane. She said no, i will use bathroom when i want.
    I have many stories like this and worse from a short stint at a non profit….

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