he promised some meat, but it never came with the order

as you know,
straight males know gays are hungry for the meat and will pay top dollar for it.
now some “straights” are gay for pay out here.
they know how to mentally detach and do whatever to get their bills paid.
they will let you feast on them,
but only if the price is right.
many others are making a living by sending private videos for a fee.
the thing is:

Some come thru and others don’t

a foxholer has been having an alleged continuous issue with a straight attentionisto.
he sent me an email about it a few weeks ago that i answered:

Hey Jamari,
I feeling very spiteful. I’m so mad I just need to vent to you. I brought the bullshit on myself BIG TIME. Long story short, I was buying vids from this straight guy that I followed on IG. Last night I sent him $250 of my own money to watch him fuck a female on FaceTime. I know my actions please JF don’t judge me. The plan was a Flop. I wish I didn’t delete the messages but the last text I got from him was at 1:15pm yesterday. He blocked me on IG, all my messages went from blue to green and calls straight to voicemail. HE PLAYED ME AGAIN JAMARI FOX. He did the same thing back this previous February that’s why we fell out. He took my money and sent me screenshots about his card being detected for “suspicious activity” ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I honestly I’m trying not to lose my shit JF. I’m so sad and mad that he did this to me the SECOND TIME. Now I’m enraged FULLY….. I want payback on this nigga. HE IS A SCAMMER AND A CON ARTIST…. FUCK HIM AND HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

after the advice i gave,
it would be over.
this is what i was sent today

Hey Jf, 
Remember that guy I told you about. Expose him he is a piece of shit. A scammer and I don’t give a fuck if he’s sees it. He hit me up yesterday and I gave him some money again and didn’t respond back on IG AND THEN BLOCKED ME FOR THE THIRD TIME…… IM DONE…… EXPOSE THIS FOOL. His name is ( x KingNate on IG ). He just blocked me an hour ago now I’m trying to dispute my money getting sent back to me. I was trying to civil. But I don’t care anymore. If you still have the emails I sent your a couple of weeks ago you can you that. I can’t send the videos because there women in the video and I won’t violate their privacy being expose like that. I don’t trust him anymore Jamari and today was exactly a great day. Just received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I was so fucking happy but now I’m in a fucked up Head space. 
this is alleged,
king nate:

now i can’t validate if this story is true,
but if it is,
can i be the most 110% transparent?
can i?
i always want the best for you and i know you want the best for me.

At some point of our lives,
we have to stop blaming others for our mistakes

if he was a scammer the first time,
why even go back in that hyena den for a second time?
you play with my money once,
you’re pretty much cancelled.
now king nate may have been an alleged scammer of epic proportions,
but what did the late and great,
maya angelou,
say in her most famous quote?

When someone shows you who they are,
believe them the first time

if i pay a pineapple for a private ANYTHING,
he WILL be depositing some real life nut on my face.
if meat isn’t cummin’ with my order,
i’m not interested.

i love my reader and all,
but he legit gave his money away.
let this be a lesson to everyone else.
 i’ll let the baiting foxhole have their way with king nate.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “he promised some meat, but it never came with the order”

  1. “He hit me up yesterday and I gave him some money again…..”

    Look, not shaming the dude, but I’m more pressed he didnt block him after the first time.

    Look, clearly you were thinking with the wrong part of your brain when you sent him the money. You were horny, it happens. But rub one out, read a book, do something before you respond by blocking him.

    You cant have these guys out here using you like that. C’mon, man. Worse part is he’s probably laughing about it and you KNOW he’s going to try it with you again.

    Please give someone your wallet to hold for you. Congrats on your degree.

  2. Honestly after the transaction clears through his bank he has the right to dispute the transaction for a legit service not rendered. Of course he’ll have to explain this over the phone but if he can provide some evidence, a screenshot or anything of the discussion they’ll take his side.
    Most memory on phones nowadays is flash based so even if the messages were deleted there’s probably an archive on your phone with the messages that’ll stay until it gets physically overwritten by other stuff taking up memory on the phone. He got some leverage here.

    1. Would you really wanna explain to your bank how you paid for some scrub guys nudes scam….twice?

      If the teller were a real one they’d lock his card.

  3. The FoxHoler should have just signed that email “BOZO.” Throw the whole clown away. How you let him scam you THREE times?? For that amount of money?! Are ya’ll ok? Is dick not in abundance o the internet?

    I’m sorry. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read on this site Jamari. He blocked you two times prior, and your ass STILL came back and gave him money??!! LMAO. I would have scammed your ass too! This is insanity. I’m shocked. I’m baffled. Are the gays really this desperate? This is a shame. A disgrace.

    I cannot.

  4. Lord Lord Lord….As they saying goes “If you see a fool, bump his head” and your reader let this man bump his head three times. This is some dick thirsty stuff if I ain’t seen it! He could have gotten somebody to come over and do him for what he paid. Then wanting you to “Expose” him when in reality if this is true he exposed himself for being thirsty and throwing money away to watch somebody else get satisfied….. I am judging and laughing so hard!!!! A sucker is born everyday.

    1. these “straight” men or fitness models or trainers whatever they call themselves prey on gay men. women lust for them but aren’t putting up money so they prey on gay men because they know we have income. I feel for the victim he has self esteem issues & he aught to work on building himself up. As for the scammer, my father used to say, the devil work 24hrs, leave it up to God he’ll render the final judgement. King Nate is going to cheat or scam the wrong person one day. And work with the bank on getting ur money back.

      1. Bro…Im fat and gay and there is no way I would go for that shit right there. I can’t make excuses for dick hungry stupidity!!!

  5. This is one I would’ve kept to myself. But you know what they say. If you’re dumb enough to give it someone will be smart enough to take it.

  6. OK. Normally I’d drag the complete fuck out of the scammer but sis, this was easily the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.

    He scammed you, then blocked you.


    Scammed you again, then blocked you again.


    Scammed you again, then blocked you… again.

    Here’s the thing, anonymous. You have low esteem and you lack common sense. You literally made it easy for yourself to get scammed because of how innately thirsty you were. Contact a therapist and focus on getting to the root cause of your desperation. Straight men see men like you as a opportunity and will turn your desperation into coins. Do better and accept more than 30-second clips from a average face and copy/paste abs.

  7. Hmm….

    You know what? I’m not gonna fault him too badly to a certain extent. We as gay men have to stop chasing an illusion of straight men. There is no “Wade”. You will NOT be able to convert a straight man into a gay one. Gay men have to stop lusting over masculinity and stop focusing on sex so much. There’s a generation of guys, gay and straight that have no job skills, big dicks and fat asses and fly all over the country to fuck the same 5 niggas on screen for you to pay to see. Nah. But lets explore this:

    -you paid him that money to see him have sex with a FEMALE. He wasn’t even having gay sex.
    -your self-love isn’t where it needs to be.
    -he KNEW how bad you wanted him. He had you open and desperate. I mean absolutely no disrespect with that comment.
    -you weren’t chasing a man. You were chasing a FANTASY that he presented to you that could’ve played out with anyone else that was gay.

    You were chasing after a man that you wasn’t even able to get. To see what? What everybody else has? A dick that you will NEVER be able to experience? Is he even in the same state as you? No one man is special, straight or gay. These straight men are using OnlyFans and the like to prey upon gay men, but gay men are the ones permitting it to happen. Going forward, as a general rule maybe you shouldn’t give or view an onlyfans profile unless the jackal likes the same sex. To give $250 to a man that you don’t know, to see him fuck a girl that you don’t know, and isn’t even gay. Your self love isn’t where it needs to be. Even if you did get what you paid for, to what end? I can’t even fault him for scamming you. No disrespect. It’s so easy to swindle gay men. All it takes is a gym membership and a well angled thirst trap.

    Once you take out the time to care for yourself, you will know what behaviors you will and won’t accept from guys. These mf’s should be paying YOU!!

    1. You gave a compassionate and level headed response to the victim. I hope that he takes your advice and uses this as a teachable moment. Also, if he is reading the comments, I was to say congratulations on your degree and may nothing but great things come to you.

  8. Lawd I met King Nate before….hes from Charlotte and frequents the Epic Center just lounging around. I felt he wanted me and my friend to chill with him on some escorting shit. He made his way over to us and we chatted up. Seem like a cool guy, slightly self absorbed…..I mean he’s beautiful in person and 6’6 body for days. He stood out over every nigga in the Epic Center. As for ol boy…..Im sorry but u are dumb and your thirst got your pockets drained. Take the L and see a psychiatrist asap.

    1. Bro, all that crassness isn’t necessary for real. the brotha clearly has self-esteem issues; don’t kick him when he’s down. i think he learn from this ordeal, hopefully.

      1. Brah all that coddling isnt necessary either….he’s grown ass man. Stop babing these kids. People need to stop trying to turn tricks with they money and come on blogs complaining about being Tricked!! He needs to go to shrink because this shit is going to keep happening….he needs to be kick because maybe he realized how dumb this shit is. Giving away his livelyhood just to see some trade fuck a hoe….like get real and dont quote me with your squabbling.

  9. Yeah baby that $250 & everything else you payed could have went to: your savings? a fresh new outfit? a spa day? a gym membership? a new phone? a night out on the town with friends or ANYTHING else! whatever you see in that man you could have spent on yourself to BETTER YOURSELF & build YOU up to where you don’t feel you have to lust so hard over another, especially one that clearly shows he is using you for money, that man has a WHOLE son and you probably payed for the little boys back to school needs….which actually wouldn’t be that bad if that where the case lol but seriously Jus learn from this, DNT let it bitter you

  10. See Jamari I think you didn’t go far enough. I actually happen to follow KingNate and I have been for about I want to say 2 years now, the thing is he doesn’t post on Instagram that often he mostly does the Instagram stories but if you follow him you know that he had/has a girlfriend or wife ( you know they are never specific) and he mostly posts his kid at least from what he posts he seems to be a committed and dedicated father or at least that’s what he wants the world to believe.
    Who pays someone $250 dollars for a sex tape? There are too much professional and amateur porn out here with better content for far less. I think the one who was paying the $250 had bad intentions and probably was using the $250 as a prelude to getting KingNate to engage in other activities. So, in this situation who was in the right and who was in the wrong, people kill me acting as though Karma is a one-way street. Not to be so self-righteous but I would not want to break up any happy or unhappy home or be the cause of discourse in anyone’s family. If you read the story there were clear lines of communication and videos were exchanged, so ultimately, I just think there is more to the story

  11. anonymous has real self esteem issues…no grown man in their right would proposition another human for $250 unless that person has a motive .anonymous was fooled not once but 3x …come on ….this story DON’T make no kinda sense

  12. I will never understand the logic people use. Why are you paying for solo non-guaranteed flicks. Myvidster has an unlimited amount for free as well as pornhub and the rest of the sites. Most of these connects, onlyfans, jf are posted on there — you know what. I’m not about to do what everybody doing in these comments because clearly we all on the same accord. What I will say, whether this is true or not, this is definitely click bait material and not on Jamari part. His integrity to his followers precedes him. Please keep sending these “Blank Stare News” reports in. I seriously can’t and don’t want to believe that you was that stupid to send him $250 not one, or even twice, but three times… and you want Jamari to blast him, you know what we doing, finding that gif of Antoine Dodson saying, “you are really dumb, for real”. Don’t play with our intelligence like that. You got yo click bait fame cause we was really ready to go in until you kept telling Jamari you did it again. This was like listening to Maury Povich when the baby mama said he went to his girlfriend house broke up with her then came back to my house and told me we gon be a family. Then a month later he go back to his girlfriend house break up with her and come back to me saying he want us to be together. That’s how all this story sound. After all these comments, you probably sent him another donation hoping to still get that video while you just financed him a whole new wardrobe. Yo best bet is to send that $250 to Jamari.

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