they must be clueless af in galveston; texas because…

this was in gavelston; texas on saturday.
as you can see,
it’s a black male being led,
while handcuffed,
on some slave shit
it took some social media fire to set hell in motion via “abc13“…

Galveston police are responding to uproar over a photo posted to Facebook showing a man being led by officers on horses, using a rope.

“You don’t even do a dog like that,” said Sherri Kelly, visiting the island from Spring. “I don’t care. That’s inhumane.”

“Where were they walking him to and why did they rope him if he was handcuffed? I don’t think it’s right,” Cynthia Orise of Galveston said.

Donald Neely, 43, was arrested by the Galveston Police Department on Saturday, August 3 and charged with criminal trespassing.

Police say Neely went into the Merrill Lynch building on the corner of 22nd and Mechanic Street and refused to leave.

Police say the officers led him around the corner of 21st and Market, where the mounted patrol unit was staging when the photo was taken.

Neely was also arrested at the same building three and a half weeks ago. According to court documents, on July 12, Neely entered the Galveston Park Board office on the second floor “without the consent” of a park board member. He was charged with criminal trespassing that day too.


according to the family of donald neely,
the black male in the picture,
he is mentally ill and homeless.
that made it look even worse,
in my opinion.
they had to know in this climate,
regardless if that black male was wrong or not,
that would NOT fly out here.
of course,
they came with a statement.
the police chief said:

First and foremost I must apologize to Mister Neely for this unnecessary embarrassment. Although this is a trained technique and best practice in some scenarios, I believe our officers showed poor judgement in this instance and could have waited for a transport unit at the location of arrest. My officers did not have any malicious intent at the time of the arrest, but we have immediately changed the policy to prevent the use of this technique and will review all mounted training and procedures for more appropriate methods.


article cc: abc13

5 thoughts on “they must be clueless af in galveston; texas because…

  1. Incidents like these are so offensive and inhumane you almost can’t believe it really happened, but it did. As usual, the police dept issued a pseudo-apology for their actions. Hence the line, “Although this is a trained technique and best practice is some scenarios, blah blah blah…”
    What next??? Hogtying someone?? Police officers need to remember they enforce the law, they ARE NOT the law, nor should they be held to a different standard than anyone else. I hope this man got the mental care he obviously needs.

  2. This looks so bad, but to play devil’s advocate. The police were probably just following protocol only to be thrown under the bus by their department. What should the officers do if they have to follow protocol, but protocol looks unseemly.

  3. This makes my blood boil.those effers are way out of order..They knew what the Ef they were doing..

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