dear “what the hell is going on?” white people

so i paused the last 4 episodes of “oitnb” for the new season of “dear white people“.
i’ve loved this show since the first season,
although i have to admit,
the second season was “okay“.
that whole “order” thing was random af.
well i stopped on the 6th episode of this season,
but uh…

This season is all over the place

that first episode was so confusing.
sam isn’t really a focus this season,
but i see her boyfriend is.
the other main characters seem to be background for the background characters.
as much as i felt like it started to pull together at the 6th episode,
i may need to watch this from the beginning again.
i’m all for fellow gays in shows,

The nurse they introduced in the first episode is so extra

he’s doing too much.
i’d rather see more of lionel’s growth than that random all over the place.
fonting of,
how cute is lionel?

lowkey tho,
there isn’t a lot of my semi problematic wolf daddy either:


you know brandon bell always brings the sexual heat.
many i’ve talked to are complaining this season is boring.
i’ll admit they kinda steered away from their usual story telling.
they have characters we have no interest in being in the foreground.
i’ll continue to watch over the weekend,
but i hope it comes together in the season finale.

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9 thoughts on “dear “what the hell is going on?” white people”

  1. I actually watched the whole thing. As a big fan of DWP and a love interest for Brandon P. Bell, I felt it was a bit of a toned down season. I enjoyed some of the characters here and there but found some of it useless. I fell like something is going on behind the scenes that impacts the writing on this show. Either that or they are trying to go on with this woke movement.

    I low-key Stan for Abigail tho.

    Lionel’s storyline seems dry now.

    They should have just made a spin-off based on his story. We need a new black gay themed series anyways…It’s been forever.

  2. Season 3 was a disappointment. I understand what they were trying to say with the worship hero I just hated the delivery.
    I actually thought the nurse brought something different to the table that came across as fun and free.
    I wish the focus would have been on the Secret Society. And it was an epic fall as we saw no one’s ass. I mean not one sex or shower scene.
    Finally, was anyone else surprised by Lionel nice little body?.

  3. Listen I stopped on episode 3, I just couldn’t anymore Netflix subscriptions are down, and they’re cancelling shows left & right so DWP needs to get it together if there’s a season 4

  4. Omfg I thought it was just me. I’m only on episode 2 and ready to throw in the towel.

  5. I’ve binged watched this from season 1 to season 3 Monday until today. It did drift from the 1st and 2nd seasons. What I don’t like is the way they are doing Lionel’s love interest. We have a hard time seeing Black love and they aren’t taking it there. The new nurse this season seem extra as hell.

  6. This season was like a gap year. A little more toned down but I loved this season. Less than the previous ones but the show is so, so good.

    Sad Troy didn’t get naked this season but it still had its moments. I am surprised how much I love all of the characters and how clearly defined their personalities and stories are.

    I do wish we had more Coco because I don’t think we had enough. I also wish we had more urgency, but the secret society storyline is actually getting pretty good but IDK how far they can take it.

  7. I felt that this season was not as good as previous seasons. You can tell the overall writing felt rushed or maybe not as focused. Not sure if it will get picked up for a season 4 but I hope it does comes back better with more attention on the main characters.

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