“they’ll” call the police on you if your dog isn’t on a leash

i wonder what would happen if…

…minorities started calling the police on white folks every chance we got?

that is a question i keep asking myself.
well ^that white she-jackal is being added to the growing list of “idiots”.
she wanted to call the police on a a minority without their dog on a leash.
this is what went down via “raw story“…

A man walking his dog near a Massachusetts pond was confronted by a woman when she got mad that he didn’t have his small dog on a leash. Mohamed, as he asked to be identified, started filming the incident as the woman’s taunts swiftly devolved into racism, reports Patch.

“Are you from the U.S.?” she asks. “Are you from this country?”

“Oh, that’s what this is about,” says Mohamed.

“You seem to be completely ignorant of any law here,” she says.

She then warned him that he had better have his own paperwork. She threatened to pepper spray him.

Mohamed called the police about her threat. They told him to walk away from the encounter.


do they just come up to you and start going in?

he is minding his whole business and here this hoe go.
is she a damn power ranger?
why do these white folks think they’re saving the world doing this?
i hope you or i never experience this nonsense.
i promise you i’ll walk tf away.

I’m calling!”

fuck around and follow me:

article cc: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on ““they’ll” call the police on you if your dog isn’t on a leash”

  1. Not surprising. Ever since 45 stole the office, stupid white people have become more and more emboldened.

  2. Not our problem. These arabs/Muslims HATE black people but want to side with us once they get their sand nigga wake up call. No thanks lol

  3. Entries like this one is why I love your site so much. As a gay white man I have always had many straight female friends. (Shocker, I know….) Recently, I had a conversation about how the election of the overgrown umpa lumpa with the bad comb over has given white people who are racists the green light to demonstrate their bigotry openly and with pride. As evident the numerous mass shootings, African-Americans being shot and killed by cops, and the plethora of videos of white women harassing African-American men for some b$llsh$t reason.
    My female white friend, who considers herself to be liberal but lives in a nice developed community, a.k.a, white residents only, started on a rant about how racism is a tool of the White Patriarchy that has allowed white men to rule our society. I began to agree noddingly but then I asked her the following, “I agree, slavery, racism, and numerous other oppressive and bigoted beliefs are something white people in this country need to have a reckoning with and find some means to try to right the wrong we imposed upon those who were victimized, a.k.a. reparations, but did white MEN do it alone or did they have a partner in crime?” She flipped out and responded with something like, “You think white women had a role in these historical injustices? We were victims too. Remember we were considered chattel, possessions, we had no rights, we did not even get the right to vote until 1920, how could such an oppressed population be responsible for these historical injustices?”
    I simply replied, “Haven’t you ever heard Beah Richards poem, ‘A Black Woman Speaks of White Womanhood’?” I played her a video of the flawless Brah Richards performing her poem after which she said, “I think she misinterpreted our (meaning white women’s) reality and is trying to blame victims.” I looked at her and said, “Honey, you weren’t complete victims, you were accomplices and you still are, so stop trying to separate yourselves from any responsibility in the racism and inequality that exists in the USA. White women were co-creators in all of it!” It has been over 5 months since we last spoke.
    My point is a large portion of white women, I believe, think they have played no role in the systemic racism that exists in the USA, even with the countless videos like this one on your site.

    Here is a link to Beah Richards performing “A Black Woman Speaks of White Womanhood”:

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