the muscle torso that led black twitter to a cheater

i’ve been sayin’ and fontin‘:

Nothing beats Black Twitter

folks on there will solve any mystery for the fun of it.
folks should know in this social media age,
cheating is not option.
if your shit goes viral,
all hell will break loose.
so this pic was posted:

sidebar: look at that damn chest.
this vixen:

…by the name of @KenyDaNinja claims that was her current wolf’s bawdy.
she was headed to the bahamas with him and wanted receipts.
he claimed that it was an old pic,
but black twitter got on the hunt.
well survey said…

come to find out,
those magazines behind them in the picture:

…were pretty damn new.
they also found out he was with a user named @TaeloreeeB in viral pic:

…who claimed that she dumped him three weeks before,
after he told her he was “kickin it with someone,
but not in a relationship“.
typical male line when they looking for new pussy/ass/dick.
i’ve heard that line all too well when…
well anyway…
so after all the back and forth,
 @KenyDaNinja still decided to stay with him:

can we blame her?
she got the “fuck her entirely stupid” dick while in the bahamas.
i’m sure she was mad for a while,
but looking like this:

…probably helped change her mind.
i can bet he’s balls deep in someone else after he got back tho.
make up sex only lasts one or two nuts per session.

lowkey: does he have an ig?
asking for a friend.

article cc: daily mail


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “the muscle torso that led black twitter to a cheater”

  1. She probably paid for that trip to the Bahamas too. The need to be wanted is too much, and whatever level of insecurity.

      1. He’s actually smart and educated with a job. I stand corrected with myself. His LinkedIn comes up before his IG. Let me send a private message…

    1. Thanx… hhhmmm.. upon further/closer inspection I’d say he’s aiight, but not quite what I thought I was peepin’ before.

      1. Was it his mouth when he smiles or how he sounds. Both were a hard pass for me.

        Also seeing how he his the media type of business I’m starting to think this was a publicity stunt. He’s working and meeting with athletes, no chick would have done this type of foolishness with this type of peson.

    2. FBI LOL …his body is a 10 and the face is a 5.5 tho…. if his girl is weak of enough to put up with his cheating then so be it.

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