he promised some meat, but it never came with the order

as you know,
straight males know gays are hungry for the meat and will pay top dollar for it.
now some “straights” are gay for pay out here.
they know how to mentally detach and do whatever to get their bills paid.
they will let you feast on them,
but only if the price is right.
many others are making a living by sending private videos for a fee.
the thing is:

Some come thru and others don’t

a foxholer has been having an alleged continuous issue with a straight attentionisto.
he sent me an email about it a few weeks ago that i answered:

Hey Jamari,
I feeling very spiteful. I’m so mad I just need to vent to you. I brought the bullshit on myself BIG TIME. Long story short, I was buying vids from this straight guy that I followed on IG. Last night I sent him $250 of my own money to watch him fuck a female on FaceTime. I know my actions please JF don’t judge me. The plan was a Flop. I wish I didn’t delete the messages but the last text I got from him was at 1:15pm yesterday. He blocked me on IG, all my messages went from blue to green and calls straight to voicemail. HE PLAYED ME AGAIN JAMARI FOX. He did the same thing back this previous February that’s why we fell out. He took my money and sent me screenshots about his card being detected for “suspicious activity” ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I honestly I’m trying not to lose my shit JF. I’m so sad and mad that he did this to me the SECOND TIME. Now I’m enraged FULLY….. I want payback on this nigga. HE IS A SCAMMER AND A CON ARTIST…. FUCK HIM AND HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE.

after the advice i gave,
it would be over.
this is what i was sent today

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