The Angry Email From The Pre Baller Wolf’s Mama


ever so often as a blogger you will get an angry email regarding your content.
comes with the job.
you can’t get insulted by it.
some people will not want their brand associated with you.
put on your big boy pants and keep it movin.
i got a nice email from a very angry mother of a pre baller wolf today.
don’t ask who it is because i’m not tellin’,
but check it out…

I saw where you stole my son’s pictures and posted them on your website. My son is _______, his father and myself are really upset that you posted him as gay. My son is not Gay!!! I have read the comments etc… We are asking you to take those picture down, if not we will go. after you for slander. a


dun dun dunnnnnn!
cue the lightning and the flying monkeys.
this was my response to her:

Good morning Mrs ________, it is a pleasure to hear from you.
I will take your son’s pictures down, but I do want to address something before I do. No where on my site did myself, or my readers, address your son as “gay”. I was speaking about how good looking he was, while everyone else didn’t find him attractive. Those were the majority of the comments as I read. Every man I post on my website is straight and attractive and with a readership of both women and men, I would never assume a man is gay and it’s not my place to speak on it. So I never slandered him in any way, shape, or form and your court case would be invalid and a pretty much a waste of time.

BTW: I got your son’s pictures on Tumblr. You may want to speak to all the pages that have reblogged him.

you should be mad my readers found your son hideous.
i was the one fighting the battle for his looks.
its a shame that light eyes and light skin doesn’t equal fine.
i also had to update my DISCLAIMER for these lost souls.

lowkey: i hate that line about taking pictures down because of slander.
taking someone to court over a picture,
from instagram/twitter of all places,
is money spent on foolishness.
i don’t speak about anyone’s sexuality in my posts.
not my place EVER.
i just talk about how good it would be to get the pipe.
is that wrong?
my readers are free to say whatever.
its a free country.
so with that being said:


29 thoughts on “The Angry Email From The Pre Baller Wolf’s Mama

  1. Y’all have thoroughly wore me out with this blog. I don’t even know what to say, but I have enjoyed this posting and it’s comments. I had to google some legal jargon to understand what the fuss was all about. May I ask? Did Davon and Lone Wolf HAVE…???? #messy

  2. Did her son recently did a photo shoot for ESPN and was he painted in gold? Is it Giancarlo Stanton

  3. While her “court case” might not stand, when it comes to issues of straight, gay, bent etc.. People do NOT PLAY. I would take the cue from this. REFRAIN from making such lewd, and very lascivious comments (some people find it very offensive when someone makes comments about Pipe, sex etc e.x I may find XYZ girl hideous, trifling, disgusting and hoish.. If i ever heard she made such comments about “How good it would be to take my pipe” I may find it extremely repulsive – comprehend? ) so we don’t end up reading about you in the paper with the headlines:

    “GAY blogger found _____ ” Court justice may not win but don’t forget when it comes to these things people use jungle justice EASILY.

    sapienti sat

    1. I’m thirsty for the sweet taste of that tight bootyhole. When you gonna sample some of this grade A dick nigga?

  4. Ummm I wonder if his father is the one that told mom that their son’s pics were on here. Daddy been peeping the eye candy and came across his son lol! And why didn’t said son send the email instead of having his mommy send it, and moms never think their son’s are gay until they catch them with their ass arched up getting banged out lol jk! Your response was very respectful tho J…kudos!

  5. Who else is waiting for Davon to agree with the mother, call J a faggot, and write two paragraph about why we’re all NIGGAHS? lol

    1. Weren’t you flirting within Davon a week or so ago? I thought you guys made a “Love Connection”:)

      1. Only thing I want is to assault that booty hole and mouth. He too whiny to be my wife.

  6. As someone studying law, that woman has no case. How is she going to sue someone for slander when there was no alleged slander? In order to sue someone for slander, you have to prove it. So she would have to provide evidence her son is straight. She didn’t think this through and she is his Mom so I’m sure she she has his best interest. A simple “hi can you remove my son’s pictures from your website” would be suffice 🙂

    1. She can however pursue for Malice if she has the time or resources to follow through and prove Malice.

      1. Malice? Do you practice law? Malice is NOT a cause of action for which one can sue. Blogs like Bossip, MTO, TMZ, Sandra Rose, and others would be in court every other day. This website doesn’t slander men’s name. It merely speaks about attraction, which is not a crime that can be punishable in the court. If he was spreading false rumors then I would see an issue. The only issue is homophobia by the men he speaks about. Furthermore the owner of this blog, and everyone you speak against, can sue YOU for defamation of character. If they really want to be nasty, throw in emotional distress. I’ve seen you in comments and you have enough evidence on this site for a sweet lawsuit brought up against you. Which I would be happy to represent them in court. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.

      2. Also there are witnesses that have you seen you torment and harass the owner, including myself because I have been a lurker on this site for 2 years now, as well as provided false information about many that has actually been brought up/challenged by numerous people.

      3. I would also like to add that suing someone takes time and money. It is not some quick procedure. It is a lot of paperwork that for an issue like this, it’s best to just ask to take the photo down. Anything that isn’t copy written is up for grabs on the Internet. When you upload pictures to social networks, they actually own it and don’t have to ask permission to sell your images. This woman can’t sue for anything. The end.

    2. My bad “malicious intent” I don’t practice law, I would assume a student DOESN’T either. So one of us may be taking “Law” for a grade?

      2. I think I clearly stipulate it is a myriad of time and resources.

      3. You forget, ESQUIRE, that you have just harassed me AND threatened me.

      4. There is one of the aforementioned bloggers who made some rounds about suing over content and I find it highly emotionally offensive and disturbing you would libel blogs as well as the constant name calling I receive

      5. I would be very interested in KNOWING the people “ON HERE” I have ever “replied to” talk more of “defamation of character”. The only replies I leave are MY OPINIONS on articles, sir.

      6. I sense that prejudiced bias and “viewpoint discrimination.” I am of a strong belief that the founding fathers of this country gave me a right to be protected from being called names

      7. As I am a proponent of peaceful mediation, I only suggest the blog keeps running and the best of intent.

  7. I’m wondering how she got here? If this blog is he first thing that pops up when you Google him, that means he ain’t nothing anyway.

  8. For one, no one stole her son’s pics, her son posted them online. When a person posts something to the internet people can do whatever they want, and most of what they do isn’t illegal. Second, how can you come after someone for slandering when no one hasn’t slandered them in the first place? The def. of slander: slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. What untruth was told about her son? None at all, and I can say whatever it is that I want. I think the broad is just mad that no one found him attractive. Mothers hate when people don’t find their son’s attractive.Tell us why you really mad?

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