I Have Been A Bad Fox and I Need A Spanking.

The Wolf man
Evelyn from Basketball Wives

Do you know what they all have in common?

They are all horror movies in their own rights…
but I am talking about being BAD.
Bad enough where a spanking won’t even help.
Bad to the point that you do not care what you do or what bridges you burn…

… You are bad and you are perfectly good at it.

How many times…
have we Foxes been around a bad boy… and it turned you on?
 How many times…
have you done something that someone told you not to do and you got a thrill from it?
How many times…
have you lived fearlessly and it gave you a rush? 

We have all played the Villain one time or another in our lives to someone.
I know that I have had my fair share of scandals where things started out so lovely with people and then, for whatever reason,
I ended up being the Villain.
I did not mean to become The Villain, I really didn’t.
They just pissed me off and I had to let my inner Werewolf out.

It has even happened when I am dealing with a Wolf.
I start off being nice and he takes my kindness for weakness.
I show him I am not so kind and he is running around with his tail in-between his legs, telling anyone with an ear what an asshole I am.
But when I have an attitude and I am not answering calls/texts,
treating the Wolf like pure SHIT, he is ready to lock me down.
I know my Foxes out there can co-sign with that.
(Wolves can’t because ya’ll do this WAY too much)

in this day in age,
is it wrong to play the position of The Villain?

It seems that the ones people label as bad are usually the ones who are more exciting and enjoying their lives.
They have that “something” about them that draws you to them.
Even Wolves, from experience, find a bad Fox or Vixen and lock her down.
It is really wrong to have an edge?

In a world where:

The nice guy finishes last,
The good Vixen never gets married,
and the sweet Fox who tries to follow the rules lives a life of loneliness.

On the flip side:

The Ho who tweets to much ends up with a husband,
The Jackal who tapes DL Wolves ends up in a relationship,
The term “bad bitch/nigga” is a term of endearment,
and we cheer on the bitches and the assholes…


I had to wonder…

What is so good… with being good?

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “I Have Been A Bad Fox and I Need A Spanking.”

  1. one of the upsides of being good is the piece of the mind..that if something bad happens to you..u cant say i had that coming..no karma that u are looking out for

    1. thank you for your answer style.

      one thing i worry about karma.
      i would not be the villain to people that are my friends or are down for me.
      but these muthafuckas who try to walk over me…

      …. they are in for a surprise this new season.

  2. This is what society and media created, whether consciously or not. Maybe this is where Illuminati theories come from? Basically, in music, tv, and all that, is where you got the fact that being bad is better. We see it in movies, we hear “bad bitch” in music, and we watch shows making pregnant 16 year-olds famous.
    Yes, you see it in real life too. Media, is like art, it depicts real life, and/or vice versa. I am no expert to conclude whether media influences society or if society influences media, but whatever it is, it’s happening in both media and society. Either way, it’s not good.
    Our world is seriously deteriorating, and the theories that it’s ending really is a relief to me. I actually hope that those myths are true.
    I refuse to give in. I rather be called “uptight” than solicit myself to everyone. I rather end up lonely than sleep around until someone “falls in love” with me.
    These “bad” people may look like they’re living greatly. But are you them? Do you know what goes on inside of them? Does the husband really love the hoe? What happens when the hoe gets old and ugly? We can cheer on the bitches and assholes all we want, but they’re still nothing but bitches and assholes.

    The devil himself is definitely laughing his ass off in hell right now.

    Sometimes, being bad isn’t about doing “wrong” things. It could just mean being tough and standing up for yourself. No need to sleep around or hurt people to show you’re bad. A real bad boy knows he doesn’t have to prove shit, and doesn’t need to create a resume of who he’s slept with to get credibility or an image. That’s just pathetic. A real bad boy oozes the “badness” without trying. When you have to try, now, that’s just not you lol.

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