He Is Ugly As Sin… But He Laces Me In The Finest Things

When I see a Wolf, I see his face first.

Most Foxes scanning for dick prints.
I figure, I got to look at you.

Then, I scan his lips.
Then I take a trip around his body.
I determine if he has nice arms and a nice chest.
I then scan to his cakes and see if he is holding some Charmin type cheeks back there.
As I am scanning, I look at his gear to see if he has some sort of style.
Finally, I’ll determine how good he is in bed.

….yup, I can be pretty damn shallow.
But, I started to wonder if that is healthy.
I have been attracted to some Wolves who no one thought was sexy, so I’m not that bad.
Some people can go out there, get with someone they aren’t really attracted to, and get something out the deal.
Whether it is money, free rides, or eventually fall in love.

I started to wonder:

Is having a standard on the men you choose to date healthy?

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“I Went To See My Wolf With Panties On… and He Proposed Marriage.”

Ya know, I like to give props where props are due.

Jamari Fox has had a change of heart.
And as usual, it took my readers to show me a light.
… one with sequins and platinum wigs.
All night I was up thinking about this.
I was actually reading the comments over and over.
I did some quick reference checks and was about to do a bar graph and presentation for you.

Yesterday’s riveting conversation featuring Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Puff”
Our fem sisters are killing the game right now.
It isn’t Vixens we should be competing with.
It is really these damn fems and trannies!
They know how to get their Wolf, suck him stupid, and have him hooked.

So I’m thinking brutal take over.
Time for the Foxes to play a little hard ball.
So, I have to ask:

Are you ready to get it together?

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You Won’t Get No Ass If You Sittin On Ya Ass

“It is like… 10am on a Thursday, why are you not at work?

Yeah, why are you not at work?
Vain made that excellent comment in an entry below.
One of which I couldn’t help but dwell on all night.
I’m getting up at 6am to go hustle and somewhere and there are Wolves who are in Dreamland.
I came up to a solid conclusion:

These Wolves today are rather lazy and broke…

I am part Fox/part money lover/I expect MUCH better.
Now I know that may have made say, “oh one of them!”

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I Have Been A Bad Fox and I Need A Spanking.

The Wolf man
Evelyn from Basketball Wives

Do you know what they all have in common?

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S and M (Daddy Hurt Me Good)




Pain can feel so damn good.

Remember what it was like when you lost your virginity?
That was a pain I was not ready for but after a while, I started to like it.
I became addicted to that feeling of submission.

Or, when we got our hearts broken by our first Wolf.
That pain was what helped us feel the pleasure (or seek it) from a better Wolf.

Love and life can play the role of a sadist.
They can spank us, humiliate us, and fuck us hard and raw.
We assume the role of masochistic behavior.
We feel the pain that comes with it and after a while,
that pain can start to become pleasure.

As a Fox…

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…fuck u mean, “It’s Your Turn”?

Imagine you laying in the bed Foxes…

Your Wolf fucked you into submission.
You had to beg his ass to stop.
You tryna remember your whole name and he says….


Words I am sure every Fox NEVER wants to hear…


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