S and M (Daddy Hurt Me Good)




Pain can feel so damn good.

Remember what it was like when you lost your virginity?
That was a pain I was not ready for but after a while, I started to like it.
I became addicted to that feeling of submission.

Or, when we got our hearts broken by our first Wolf.
That pain was what helped us feel the pleasure (or seek it) from a better Wolf.

Love and life can play the role of a sadist.
They can spank us, humiliate us, and fuck us hard and raw.
We assume the role of masochistic behavior.
We feel the pain that comes with it and after a while,
that pain can start to become pleasure.

As a Fox…

…we seem to go through a lot more pain while Wolves experience pleasure.
They assume their role as hunters and play with our minds.
It is easy for them to use their dicks and numb their hearts.
They know that they are a hot commodity and make it known to us.

You ever wondered why Wolves on social sites are way too conceited?
Easy: Jackals made them that way.
It took a bunch of dumb-asses that bent over backwards and blew their heads up.


Like, you can bet, they have 1,000 messages in their inbox.
All from Foxes begging for the dick and over-complimenting them on walls and timeline.
They don’t even have to get to know you anymore.
Just find out where you live and come over to fuck.
It can be pathetic and embarrassing.
They create this standard that if you look good and are dominant,
you need to be worshiped.

I do a little baller worship on my spot,
but I would never turn thirsty for penis.

Wolves, in turn, become spoilt and find themselves partaking in BDSM.
Even though they don’t know it, they do it.

For my freaks out there, you should know the common components.
If not, Jamari will break it down for you:

B&D: Bondage and Discipline
D/s: Dominance and Submission
S&M: Sadism and Masochism

Since there are so many REAL Foxes looking for Wolves,
we tend to be on the bottom of the totem pole (no pun intended).

Maybe, we as Foxes, need to whip these Wolves into shape mentally.
Make them our little bitches and bring them down off that pedestal.
Let them chase us and do not give up the rights to the Foxhole until we know 100% sure that it is legit.

I always found it a huge turn on when I was in control but still submissive.
But, I always found myself losing control when I gave myself to the wrong Wolf.

I want tons of pleasure so it’s time to give the right kind of pain.

you have been bad boys…

Time for a little pain…
You ready?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. This is absolutely true. They’ve gotten to a point where they are able to lower our expectations of them and many of us fall for it. And for the ones who don’t… well.. they just find another one. Never gas a man’s head up or put him on a pedestal because then he’s always looking down on you.

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