You Won’t Get No Ass If You Sittin On Ya Ass

“It is like… 10am on a Thursday, why are you not at work?

Yeah, why are you not at work?
Vain made that excellent comment in an entry below.
One of which I couldn’t help but dwell on all night.
I’m getting up at 6am to go hustle and somewhere and there are Wolves who are in Dreamland.
I came up to a solid conclusion:

These Wolves today are rather lazy and broke…

I am part Fox/part money lover/I expect MUCH better.
Now I know that may have made say, “oh one of them!”

But hear me out…. It seems these days Wolves especially have gotten really lazy.
They have lost that aggressive nature and have turned soft.
They want to sit around all day and play peek-a-boo on BGC.
Re-tweet bullshit on Twitter and even joke on Facebook…. and not on a work computer.
Many do not having a steady income, a pot for piss, or a window to open.
Only thing they have to show for themselves is a nice body or some cute gear.
How can a person without nothing inspire someone who has/trying?
How can I talk to you about goals and dreams and you are still asleep?
You can’t even afford to buy food or even a snack from 7/11… but you still want to fuck me?
What part of the game is that?

Sadly, a lot of my Wolf, Jackal, and Hyena (you are not a Fox if you are lazy) counterparts lack the same focus.
Have you noticed how picky Wolves are… and are completely broke?
They have nothing to show for themselves but some cute outfits and a few shirtless pictures online…
… and a long line of bodies they racked up off the rack.

I have taken the liberty of breaking down the 3 stages in what I like to call “The Food Chain Scale“…


Ballers, College grads, own a business,
or basically doing what you love and making money for it.

You have a career/working on your career.
You have every right to be picky.


Working a steady 9/5, in college, working on establishing a career, hustling, or even gold digging.

You have a job.
You can be picky.


*crickets chirping*

You have nothing.
No job, no credit, no nada.

Level 3 is the ultimate and they have every right to be as picky as they want.
But, being a Level 3, you should give a Level 2 a chance.
Level 2 is trying to be on your level so no need in shutting them out.
If you are on a Level 1, you need to cut your losses.
You are pretty much worthless.
Just because you LOOK good really doesn’t mean you are worth shit.
Sadly, most broke Wolves are usually the sexiest ones.

So let the Jackals and Hyenas play patty no cake with the broke Wolves.
Foxes, aim higher… Level 3 higher.

What are you gonna do with a broke Wolf anyway?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “You Won’t Get No Ass If You Sittin On Ya Ass”

  1. speaking as a level 2 fox my self it gets really depressing too i mean if you work at walmart you coo in my book. but ive seen so many wana be ballers, rapers, and models its crazy.

    1. I am a Level 2 and I will give ANYONE with a job a chance.
      Look, I know the struggle but if I’m paying for a roof over my head, bills, food, and maintaining a fly wardrobe….

      … Jamari isn’t trying to deal with losers.

  2. LOL. Well idk what I would qualify as. I’m in Los angeles and yes I work in a Los angeles type of career filled with ups n downs…If you aint willing to stick by me…dueces…Of course there’s a difference between those with drive and those who just wanna drive ur

  3. This isn’t just a small problem.
    It’s quite an issue, if I may say so myself.
    Think about it…
    What does this show about society?
    That’s we’re shallow. They’re only like that and will continue to being like that if they are allowed. They don’t see anything wrong with it because there ARE h0es that will give them what they want, regardless of employment status.
    There IS such a thing as a hook-up, where you don’t have to know anything about them.
    Now I can go on about how stupid and wrong a hook-up is, but I won’t.
    And I could go on and on about this entire situation, but I won’t.
    It’s so pathetic, though.
    These grown a$$ men sitting at home on their computers, stalling and procrastinating important things to do, just to have cyber sex.
    Um, yeah, no comment.
    But they don’t see it *sigh*
    Anyways, I learned that it’s much easier to just stick with Level 3 and 2 people, and just leave the Level 1s to themselves. I’ve tried explaining it to them, yelling at them, teaching them, all out of anger and just because it doesn’t cross my eye, but they don’t listen.
    I can stop trying to enlighten them, but I just find it so unfair they think they’re they sh!t.

  4. I never wanted to be one of those people who dated someone because of the type of job they have or how much money they make. I appreciate a nice income but it isn’t everything. For me, as long as you can support yourself then you’re worth getting to know. There are certain baseline things i think people should have and that’s one of them. I think that’s where the independent fysh go wrong in wanting a man who is really successful or as successful as they are. As if to say his degree and his job is an indicator to how well he will treat you only to be proven wrong later when he’s a liar, cheater, abuser, etc and yet they still stick around because he looks good “on paper.”

    But I find that there are and might possibly always be girls who will shake their purse at a level 1 if he’s cute or masculine enough.

    1. ^^ true.

      I’ll give anyone a chance if you have a job.
      I don’t do broke.
      what’s there to talk about?
      I’m at work everyday and you are home on BGC looking for another nigga to screw, probably as Im on my lunch break.

      There are a lot of lazy men in this lifestyle with nothing to show for themselves and some of these desperate boys are giving them play because he is cute…
      … and then break their wallets because of his cuteness and be broke and full of regret.
      because let’s face it – cuteness needs to be also paid for their services.

      … and then have the nerve to be picky.
      lol ok.

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