What is he trying to advertise in this shot?
And funny enough, he is probably straight…

Straight and Gay Wolves have the best donks. #fact

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (9)”

  1. He’s a bottom all the way.
    I talked to him on BGC a while back.
    He seems like kind of a attention whore…no offense/no shade
    Talks about how he doesn’t mess with any dudes under 9in because he won’t feel it.
    Makes threads for attention on BGC

    Definitely a handsome dude though and he had a body most dudes would envy. I’ve caught a glimpse of him irl.

    Not my type though.

  2. Ditto Shea & 007. Looks good from this vantage but I can’t see it’s true majesty. Now I gotta run. Todd just came back to Llanview and made an appearance at David’s movie premiere. And Erica just found out Dixie is still alive. lol

    1. Lol I mean I could only go by the visage he put on through the net and some text messages so I can’t declare he has a shitty personality off that alone. I just got enough of it to know he isn’t for me.

      Now would I pound that backside until its purple? Hell yea. Would he get a call back? Most likely not.

  3. He can keep those hands up against the window just like that, while I work that azz — perfect position! IDGAF about afterwards…I just want some for right now

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