That Can’t Even Fit In My Mouth


We love it.
We adore it.
We worship it.
We want it to taste good.
We want it to warm us up at night.
We want it to fill us up.
We want to lock it down when it is good to us.

and this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK


Isn’t it a bummer when you meet a Wolf and he pulls down his boxers and has a OPTIMUS PRIME DICK?
Dick so big he could fuck a car wash.
Or worse, he pulls down his boxers and you see this:

So this is for my Foxes and Vixens…
Share with me…


20 thoughts on “That Can’t Even Fit In My Mouth

  1. You have to be at least 12 inches for me to even talk to you…if you can’t make me bleed, then for you sweet heart I have no need…sips tea…

    I’m kidding of course, I like ass not dick. You could be big, small, thick, skinny, long, cut, uncut,,,,its all gravy baby…

  2. I am 6″ and a top. I have had guys tell me that it is not enough for them because it hurts too much since it doesn’t go in as deep. I’ve also had experienced guys for whom it hasn’t been an issue.

    I don’t think the size of my penis will prevent you from enjoying yourself or busting. And I don’t think my stroke has anything to do with it either.

    I will say: the reason those with no issues thoroughly enjoy themselves is because they don’t just lay there looking at me with bambi eyes. They are as much in control and as hungry as I am.

    I will say: they love it when I mount them like a dog, hold their hands tight behind their back while I get every inch of me inside them.

    I will say: they tell me it feels good when my head rubs against their prostate (which is where the pleasure is at)

    I will say: the look in their eyes when I put my dick in their mouth, all the way in, and they are gagging a little, but I don’t let them take my penis out until I cum down their throat is perfection.

    I will say: that the possibilities are not limited but endless. it’s about perspective. if you go into something thinking, “this shit ain’t gonna work for me” guess what? it won’t work for you.

    Do I knock homies who like big dicks? not at all. do you. do i envy dudes with big dicks? when i was a kid yeah cuz society made me feel inadequate. but the reality is that (aside from all the the average dick size bullshit) different strokes for different folks.

  3. Oh wow, I thought that last pic was someone sitting on his stomach, but he just has butt cleavage in the rolls…ugh *barf*

  4. lol but for a big boy his dick do got a lil size. You might get hooked jay just saying lol

      1. That’s true, plus most guys think normal is bigger than it really is. The average is 5-6″.

  5. Im kind of weary of any penis besides my own most times, but my wild, free, and wasted alter-ego would agree with Vain and omg.

    Lmao @ Vain falling for the “Ill just put the head in” line. I was using that one at a young age. lol

    1. You just haven’t had the right one, Jay lol

      And Vain, I laughed at that “again” part…sorry, but it was funny. He was a bad wolf to do that to you, baby.

      You ain’t ask, but I’m telling anyway: if I ever did it again, he’d have to be thin and not to long. Heck, a finger even hurts! And are we sure button-dick isn’t post-op?

      1. These dudes think musty balls and dick is natural and sexy.

        NOT THIS DUDE!

        Plus a lot of dudes I’ve encountered didn’t trim down there and heat, sweat, and bushy hair down their is a recipe for an area I don’t want to go anywhere near.

        Any dude I mess with seriously will have to have impeccable hygiene practices.

  6. hey its not the size of the gun its the damage it does lol. but seriously i can agree with vain if its to big i bid you good day sir. if its too small then… well i can work with the dude. i knew a dude who wasnt packin but wasnt small i say he had 6 inch but he knew how to suck and eat his life away. so i guess its like anyother disability once you lose 1 u gain another

  7. Those top 4 are real nice. I’ve been on hiatus for 3 years andI haven’t had a Supersized dick yet. For me, it doesn’t have to be down to his knees. Just have some thick girth and have at least 5. The smallest I had was about 5 but it was finger thin. On occasion, I can be a werewolf if the situation calls. He claimed to be a top but it was so painful and awful. Then after that he was calling me and texting all day everyday. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he had wack dick. Then there was the one with the big dick that used ask me for a metrocard swipe. Then he tried to ask for money…He had to go. Oh….the new york memories

  8. Big penises are nice to look at, play with in your hands, and maybe put your mouth on for a little while. I remember one guy pulled it out and i just looked at him like… 0.o?… Where to you think that’s going? I don’t like big ones to be honest when it comes to intercourse (i prefer to give head anyway). I know the size girls out there live for a 10incher and that’s cute for them, i on the other hand was not built for it. Gotta be average (between 5 and 8). And if you’re huge, don’t tell me you aren’t going to stick it in all the way (just the head) and think Im going to fall for that (again). Girth is another thing. There are boys with really girthy ones that don’t fit in your mouth. Can’t do those either.

    Never experienced a really small penis before though? I’ve only seen them on the internet. My friend dated a guy who was too small (former size queen) and said the guy was really great but he was unfulfilled sexually. Said if his penis was small the least he could do is a have a good stroke game. He didn’t. So instead of sticking around and potentially cheating on him, he broke it off early. I don’t know how i would have handled the situation.? His reasoning was “I dont have the energy to teach him how to fuck.”

    I think its a very Goldie Locks situation for me. Not to big, not too small. But juuuusssttt average.

  9. All four gifs look appealing, and a DECENT size, but my favs would be the 2nd and 4th. Good looking dude in the 4th and the dude in the 2nd, looks like a freak. 🙂 Now the third one is highly questionable because it doesn’t look fully brick. If a grew another two inches I may have just only have to look at that one, but the other three, suit up and strap up and let’s take if for a wild ride. The last two pics OMG, I wouldn’t know how to handle. I mean I know there are some big dudes who bring the wood, but I would be so disappointed. I hate to sound harsh but damn, his ass would be kicked out immediately. NEXT!!!!

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