MEAT (The Intro)

I see fine men daily.
I also see fine ass men online hourly.
I always seem to click the right thing and then I’m going through pages of sexy ass men.

Then I start wondering:

How can I get that?
or Why am I not with that?
What is wrong with me?
Maybe I am not insert what I THINK I am lacking here.

A total mind fuck if I ever saw one.
You know you do it too.
So I thought I’d try something new with IJF.

Something I’m sure my Foxes would enjoy.

Well this year is going to be a different year for me like I said.
I am kinda in a rebel mode at this point.
I am really just feeling laid back and care free.
I am kinda tired of Wolves treating us like meat.
Like we are just here to fuck and then they move onto the next victim.
How about WE start looking at them like pieces of steak for our pleasure?

… until they show us that they are serious and want us exclusively.
Why give up our feelings so easily when they are only giving up good or not so good penis?

I’m not saying become bitter or put a wall up.
But why not  give his ass a little shit for the shit he is giving us?

Join me on this little empowering journey of mine.
It is time we knock these Wolves off these pedestals we put them on.
Yeah we know they are cute, sexy, fine – whatever but so are we.
They are just men.
Men who have the capability to lie and hurt us.
Men who probably have way more issues than the image they portray.
I have met Wolves who are complete assholes UNTIL you put his ass in check.
Then he wants to bend over backwards trying to please you.

Men, like iCeeD said, have:


Instead of putting them in this fantasy world of perfect-ism.
How about we treat every dude with the same mentality we do with someone who isn’t so fine?
We are bold as hell with muthafuckas who are ugly or disrespectful.
It is easy to say what we really feel around them,
but we choke up when we get around some muscular model type Wolf.
When in actuality A LOT of confidence goes a long long way.

We get it.
You are sexy.
You got muscles and probably a teenage dream.

But wtf you got to offer me?

^ that kind of attitude.

That made my dick hard just typing that.
Time to have some fun this year.

Are you ready Foxes?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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