Pre-Baller Wolf Swagg: Stephane Manga

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.04.32 PMokay can i tell you how much i love his jeans?
someone direct me to the rack where they are hanging.
anyway so i love seton hall,
stephane manga‘s swagg.
he is probably one of the best dressed pre baller wolves ive seen in a while.
check out his various threads
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f0xmail: Is This Baller Wolf’s Outfit Super F’n Gay or What?


Morning Jamari How’s Florida? Ok anyway I think when a man wears a woman’s item it’s a way of letting the world know a tid bit of they sexuality. Like a scarf in a feminine way or a pair of woman’s clothes. I say this cause one of our fox hole faves is spotted wearing a pair of ugg boots:

imageyes that’s cam cam (cam newton) in a pair of uggs….. This year…… And the pants are tucked in…

what do you think?


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(pre)baller wolf swagg

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.12.08 PMso everyone knows i love baller wolves of all kind.
college and professional.
i also love good fashion.
so i know what you’re thinking:

“like jamari…
you should,
totally make a pinterest board just for baller wolf swagg.
ya know,
something where we can get ideas for outfits and see sexy baller wolves too!”

well hot damn!
how you guess?
sooooooo that’s what i did tonight.
i mean my ( x fox swagg ) board goes super hard.
now in order to be featured,
im looking for:
clothes that fit correctly.
suit and tie.
you can also ( x join in and send pictures/instagrams ) for review of (pre)baller wolves.
if you’re a (pre)baller wolf reading,
 send me pics of some of your best outfits as well.
if i like it,
you’ll be featured.
everyone got it?

x click here to follow the (pre)baller wolf swagg board

photo: big papa joe penis anderson

foXXX: Rome Major Cums Into Porn Town

bd29023d8d0dd9901ac79186b0d61e72we talked briefly about hoodrats with good pipe.
well meet hood rat wolf,
rome major,
the newest porn star on the block from philly.
he LOOKS so philly tho.
he isn’t the sexiest or has the nicest body,
but he knows how to beat a coochie into submission.
ice packs on set.
he the type you call after 11pm,
comes over and lays you the hell OUT,
and you never speak of it to anyone… ever.
everyone has met a “rome major”.
they just ain’t gonna say.
everyone always talks about his cakes so i’ll let you be the judge…

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Go and Show Em Who You Call Daddy…

so i guess justin timberlake is the “beyonce” of  male r&b?
he premiered his new video for v day.
“suit and tie”.
let’s go…

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i decided to have a fancy get together in the pleasure hole tonight.
very strict dressed code.
no sneakers, jeans, or t shirts.
i invited all the finest foxes, hybrids, and wolves in the concrete forest.
ones who know how to dress.
i couldn’t decided between light or dark meat as my date tonight…

so why not both?

but why don’t you go to the bathroom….

i think someone you may like is getting ready to come out…

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