Pre-Baller Wolf Swagg: Stephane Manga

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.04.32 PMokay can i tell you how much i love his jeans?
someone direct me to the rack where they are hanging.
anyway so i love seton hall,
stephane manga‘s swagg.
he is probably one of the best dressed pre baller wolves ive seen in a while.
check out his various threads

1273003first of all,
we have a similar way of style.
very trendy,
but still keeping it lowkey.
he is cocky with his clothes tho.
i would raid his closet.
i love the fact that he knows his colors.
someone has been schooled heavy on the color wheel.
he also knows what works for him as well.
he doesn’t over accessorize which says a lot.
there is a quote from coco chanel that star fox told me:

“before you leave the house,
look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

use that quote sparingly,
but stephane seems to follow that rule.
they key to his look is simplicity.
he doesn’t OD,
but he draws attention to one piece in the look.
i want to see stephane try on a suit.
italian cut.
looking like “fresh hundreds”.
he has the “model” build and i think he could actually pull it off.keep it up stephane.
i’ll be watching.

lowkey: i think i’ll be doing this more often.
i enjoy fly style.
gives me inspiration for creating good looks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Baller Wolf Swagg: Stephane Manga”

  1. *does back flips* I ghost follow him on the gram, and yea this dude can dress his ass off man. I’ve proclaimed how much I’m feelin this dude right here tho. I visit his page once a day. He’s one of my very few favorites. He is handsome as well.

  2. Well Stephane is French, borned and raised in Orleans,
    France so of course dude knows how to dress. I think he’s a little bit “americanize” . What I like about his style is, he mixes Euro simplicity and American swagg very well.

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