Reggie Bush Is Officially Off The Market

tumblr_n3pswgsbJ21t1prgho1_500remember when reggie bush was the baller wolf to smang?
god remember that t-mobile commercial?
i still have wet dreams about it…
well reggie is officially off the market.
yes reggie not only has a beautiful baby girl,
but he also got married to the mother,
 lilit avagyan yesterday at the grand del mar

vixen in the yellow>>>>
she knows baller wolves would be in attendance.
she also knows she has a ring finger that is kinda lonely.
now it would be messy to put a kim k gif somewhere in here.
oh what the hell…

okay i’m done.
speaking of kim,
sexy brody jenner attended?
he didn’t even go to kim’s wedding.
can someone explain why the bride’s tits are about to fall out the dress tho?
just something i noticed.
they both look great!
now lets see that t-mobile commercial as i pour out some likka for my fantasies…

pouring-out-liquorlowkey: now who is the hot wolf posing with them?
why do i have a feeling that is lillit’s brother…?
if so,
he is fahnnnn….

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Reggie Bush Is Officially Off The Market”

  1. who is the cutie in the group shot with the gold colored tie?! Damn he could get it!!
    Brody could too! LOL

  2. Good for him he seems truly happy here, fyi if I got an invite I would have been all up under Brody.

  3. You guys are doubly disqualfied from dating or marrying him. 1. He’s not gay. He’s heterosexual. And 2. He doesn’t like black/African/Negro women in any way, shape manner or form. He only goes for the pink–like Pepto Bismal.

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