BACK TO SCHOOL 2012: The New Fox/Wolf/Hybrid “Shine” Era

it is back to school time.
time to re-connect with old classmates,
meet new ones,
and see who looks good on top after school.
i know, i know…
but, from high school to even college,
you need to know a few things about looking good this semester.
i want all you guys to shine this year.
time for the world to SEE the fox/hyrbid/and wolf world movement.
you know i love that shit.
so, this weekend as you are getting yourself prepared for the tough year ahead,
time to shine.


see, this varies for me.
i love a good duffle because i can carry it in my hand and it is roomier.
but after a while, it can get annoying.
plus, i may have want to carry my laptop and i don’t want the whole bag snatched.
a backpack is cool when i’m feeling lazy,
but some outfits don’t look good with a backpack.
imagine a nice dress shirt, slacks, and shoes… with a north face backpack?
so this school year, try mixing an matching your bag.
these styles are my personal favorite:

i say have about 3 bags in your arsenal.
if you are going for a real casual fly,
then rock the backpack.


the whole season is about color.
even in the winter.
bright yellows, oranges, pinks, and blues are in.
any color that makes you stand out from the back.
jeans can also be bright as well.
so be the bright wolf/fox/or hybrid as possible.
let everyone see you.
think “shine” with your wardrobe.

or, you can jazz up a plain outfit with bright accessories.
added effect: find an accessory that you can personalize as your own.
exclusive fitteds,
nerd glasses,
handkerchief tied to your belt loop,
or even a fox tail (wink).

metal rosary beads and cross necklaces are excellent for your chest.

metallic, bold prints, and tribal prints also help bring life to your outfit.
leather jeans also need to be thrown in your shopping bag as well.

also set the foundation of your outfit with a pair of embellished spiked,
printed metallic,
or animal printed sneakers, oxfords, or loafers.


since no on really still uses paper anymore,
a good tablet is excellent for your note taking.
you can even record your lecture.
nothing gives a look of sophisticated fox than busting out in class with your ipad.

there are also so many apps every brand for back to school this year.
you can even get apps for your computer or phone.
as a fox/wolf/hybrid you need to be on it.
in your “shine look“,
you should be standing out from the rest of the pack.


that cocky “better than everyone” attitude is over.
yup, dunzo.
not if you plan on donning any fur in the foxhole.

be open to meeting new people.
try branching into a new circle.
be friendly to everyone.
this year, you will expand your networks as much as possible.
BUT, you will let people come to you.
no more chasing.
you will also speak up for yourself.
you will no be bullied.
you will put anyone in check if they try to cross you.

i mean, what else did you expect with shining?
you are about to rule this year and a true ruler knows how connect with people.

good luck on the new year ahead and make me proud!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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    1. I love the newer fashions as many pants have higher crotches. I get an eye full (and a few stares of my own) during my daily commute

  1. Have all 3 of those bags… good choices…. I HATE Addidas though…… They got too much going on these days…

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