don’t be a dick ridin’ cheerleader for a dork who knows you shine brighter than them

i got a word for the foxhole that has been sitting inside my spirit.
ima try to pull it out nice…
and easy…

there is someone(s) right now,
that you don’t even realize,
that is jealous and envious of you.
they actually want what you have.

Your career.
Your crib.

we don’t even realize we’re better than them because we’re dick ridin’ (and not in the good way).
i think what happens is…

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What Did “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Even Mean?

do you know this story?

boy meets you.
you get interested in boy.
boy isn’t interested in you.
you can’t tell boy isn’t interested.
boy decides to lead you on.
you fall for trap from boy.
boy can get whatever from you because you got hearts in your eyes?

some of us either been that person,
or was the person who lead someone on.
shame on you!
in life,
we will meet people we are attracted to.
they may have nice bodies,
we feel instantly connected,
or we just want to have one night of insane stupid fuckin’ pleasure.
in the outcome of this,
some will instantly fall for us.
we won’t have to put in any effort.
others will let us know they aren’t interested.
that one asshole tho?
he will play with your emotions and never want anything to do with you.
have you looking like a pure raw idiot in these streets.

how do we avoid the trap of…


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WOLF MEAT: (154)

can you wait for spring?…

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BACK TO SCHOOL 2012: The New Fox/Wolf/Hybrid “Shine” Era

it is back to school time.
time to re-connect with old classmates,
meet new ones,
and see who looks good on top after school.
i know, i know…
but, from high school to even college,
you need to know a few things about looking good this semester.
i want all you guys to shine this year.
time for the world to SEE the fox/hyrbid/and wolf world movement.
you know i love that shit.
so, this weekend as you are getting yourself prepared for the tough year ahead,
time to shine.

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