What Did “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Even Mean?

do you know this story?

boy meets you.
you get interested in boy.
boy isn’t interested in you.
you can’t tell boy isn’t interested.
boy decides to lead you on.
you fall for trap from boy.
boy can get whatever from you because you got hearts in your eyes?

some of us either been that person,
or was the person who lead someone on.
shame on you!
in life,
we will meet people we are attracted to.
they may have nice bodies,
we feel instantly connected,
or we just want to have one night of insane stupid fuckin’ pleasure.
in the outcome of this,
some will instantly fall for us.
we won’t have to put in any effort.
others will let us know they aren’t interested.
that one asshole tho?
he will play with your emotions and never want anything to do with you.
have you looking like a pure raw idiot in these streets.

how do we avoid the trap of…


i always met wolves who were interested in me.
I never chased them.
hell i wouldn’t even acknowledge them.
my poker face is strongs.
they would be honest and straightforward about their feelings for me.
in most cases,
i was interested and relayed my feelings in an open way.
i only did that when i knew you liked me.
if i wasn’t,
i would be honest.
that usually still had them chasing after me.
wolves have this thing when you turn em down,
they make it an effort to still want to take you down.
online was always a different story.
i always found myself chasing.
see you know i like a particular body on a wolf i like.
sadly so did all the other hoes too.
it would be games and all this other bullshit i don’t have time for.

wondering if the person read the message?
was he interested?
is he talking to someone else?

had me feeling like a white girl with a crush in class.

online has all the “mr sparkly guys” with the nice bodies.
everyone is perfect and has no flaws.
they say the right things in their intros and status messages.
their dicks are always big and holes wet.
of course i would want to get fucked.
you meet someone you want and you go after it.
that is the “american way“, isn’t it?
sadly you are labelled “thirsty” if you do too much.
now some of these fools stay up in status messages with capes and camping gear.
those are the ones who may need a pysch evaluation.
i’m not for all that extra.
you want to tell mr sparkly guy:

well jesus asshole!
i’m trying to get you to see i’m interested in your stupid ass.
i’m sorry you have a legion of dumbasses who are also doing the same!

i started to wonder about the world of misleading.
how do we know when someone is not interested in us?
should we keep putting in our bids that hopefully one day they change their mind?
one of my biggest pet peeves is looking like i am the only one chasing a wolf.
i like a mutual amount of chase.
have you ever noticed those same misleaders are out here are chasing someone too?
someone who also deems them as less than”?
it seems like one big chase in a very large circle.

i gave up a while ago.
i’m sitting on the bench.
drinking a gatorade,
watching it all.
the wolf who also gives up will sit his ass next to me.
i’ll dab his forehead.
he’ll smile.
i’ll punch him and then ask, “where the hell you been?”.
we’ll laugh.
both get up and go have dinner.
the end.

i had to ask…

When do you get tired of chasing?

8 thoughts on “What Did “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Even Mean?

    1. Disagree.

      Someone will always do the chasing and put in more (outright) effort than the other party.

      Going after whoever you want does not mean you don’t know your worth, going after someone who can’t see your worth does.

      I hate the idea that being chased somehow makes you superior to the one that goes after who they want. People are rarely pursued by what they desire anyway.

      Half of these dudes don’t even know who they’re thirsting over. They see a nice chest or a fat ass and lose all reason.

  1. Oh no you don’t Jamari. You guys allow them to mislead you because you read into false signs. Some men think just because a dude speaks to them everyday that he is interested, or if he offers them a helping hand he is just trying to get some. Like seriously? That shit is stupid. I don’t really chase guys that much. However, I can admit that some are harder to talk to than others. Like that guy that I told y’all about last year. Talk about a challenge, he wore me out mentally lol. Had me shaking and shit like a feen. I couldn’t even write sitting next to him, but that will never happen again. I’m over him by the way. What I refuse to do is make an ass out of myself over another man. That’s the worst thing a person could do. Women do it all the time. After a few failed attempts I give up. Either he’s straight or he is just stupid. If I’m giving him eye contact and playfully flirting with him, that should be sending a message to his brain that I want him, unless he is missing some chromosomes or some shit lol.

    I want to add this in to. Shy and introverted men are the easiest to clock. A majority of them are socially awkward, and them being gay is the reason they are that way. Why I do not know? It’s many of them in colleges, yea the young ones know. I said this before, dudes like that aren’t fooling anyone, everybody knows cause they are being weird lol. Being quiet only draws attention and makes people wonder, and not in a good way.

    1. ^this is actually a very intelligent comment man.
      you should be proud of yourself.
      my question is…

      what about those men who are gay,
      know you are attracted to them,
      they aren’t attracted to you,
      but they play with your mind anyway?
      how do people handle them?

      1. That was a tough one to answer. Maybe they want you on the low and can’t deal with it, or they may play with you to boost their egos. I haven’t heard of many situations where a person plays games with someone they are not attracted too, especially in the gay world where there already is a shortage of men, and most men take what they can get.

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