when you are so offended by a tv character’s death, it burns


I cannot stop thinking about The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix

that show has been living in my head rent free after i binged it.
one thing tho:

Victorine’s death still has me confused

did she take her own life after she realized what she did?
or did she go mad and was under the influence of “bat shit crazy”?
i found a video where the cast was explaining their character deaths.


i saw a comment about prospero aka perry,
played by sauriyan sapkota,

who was the youngest sibling:

^they were offended by perry’s death and but tbh…

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Omarion Wants Your “Lust” Back

are we still into omarion aka o-cakes?
ever since he got rid of the bakery,
and did that stint on “lhhh”,
he hasn’t been on my “top 5”.
well he is trying to make a foxhole comeback.
this time,
he wants us to concentrate on his bawdy now.
it looks like he is summer ready
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f0xmail: Skip The Sex, But More Fallin’ In Love? Weird?



Hey Jamari,

Recently I’ve been a bit exploration with my personal life. Throughout my life ive only been with two guys. With pressure of being a virgin i ended up payed someone to do the job but we didnt get that far. Recently I’ve met this guy that’s really nice with tons of ambitions in life. A handsome college grad thats a few years older than me. He’s a bit feminine but it doesn’t show in his appearance which is okay to me… but I get absolutely nothing sexual from him. I’ve even told him about my past but he has hard time believing he’s the first guy I’ve been with. He’s made me realize I’m not sexually attracted to sex but I’m attracted to the fantasy of being with someone beyond physically. When i see someone, i think about what it would be like to be THEIRS or for them to be MINE. This not only applies to men for me, but for women as well. I feel because of things being so sexual nowadays it seems like people skip over falling in love with someone. They go more towards lust now. instead It’s more so just a hookup or fwb sex that most people are after. I though the increasing want to have sex with someone came from being so deeply connected to someone that there’s no other way to show how much you love them? Maybe it has something to do with being abused as a child… These thoughts have had me down for a few months now and i dont know what to think of them. Being bisexual is already a bad enough label. People immediately assume im hoe-ish. Ive been through so much now im about ready to give up on something that seems so hopeless.

Am I wrong for feeling this way?


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Nothing Good Happens After 4 A.M on Valentine’s Day

valentine’s day.
the straight couple’s holiday?
shit i don’t even know if that’s even true anymore.
i just saw a sista in the supermarket buying about 2 tubs of ben and jerrys.
remember when you were a young cub and it actually meant something?
ycolor a heart shaped piece of paper and give it to the girl sitting a couple of rows from you.
maybe you were a playa playyyaaaa and had a chick in another class.
i see you….

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What Did “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Even Mean?

do you know this story?

boy meets you.
you get interested in boy.
boy isn’t interested in you.
you can’t tell boy isn’t interested.
boy decides to lead you on.
you fall for trap from boy.
boy can get whatever from you because you got hearts in your eyes?

some of us either been that person,
or was the person who lead someone on.
shame on you!
in life,
we will meet people we are attracted to.
they may have nice bodies,
we feel instantly connected,
or we just want to have one night of insane stupid fuckin’ pleasure.
in the outcome of this,
some will instantly fall for us.
we won’t have to put in any effort.
others will let us know they aren’t interested.
that one asshole tho?
he will play with your emotions and never want anything to do with you.
have you looking like a pure raw idiot in these streets.

how do we avoid the trap of…


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The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?

one of our wolf favorites is gone ya’ll.

well not really.
he is just giving a vixen some serious peen now.
i hope she knows how to take it.
and well.
you won’t believe who he is dating

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