Nothing Good Happens After 4 A.M on Valentine’s Day

valentine’s day.
the straight couple’s holiday?
shit i don’t even know if that’s even true anymore.
i just saw a sista in the supermarket buying about 2 tubs of ben and jerrys.
remember when you were a young cub and it actually meant something?
ycolor a heart shaped piece of paper and give it to the girl sitting a couple of rows from you.
maybe you were a playa playyyaaaa and had a chick in another class.
i see you….

as we started to grow up,
the meaning of valentine’s day became less special.
we started to realize we didn’t actually like pussy,
but more phallic shaped or melon shaped objects on a man’s back.
we didn’t think we could celebrate such a holiday!
alas some did.
for real couples,
it is a day to get away and do something special.
maybe plan a trip to another city and do something exciting.
today it’s just an excuse to put more effort into smashing someone you met a month ago.
i had to wonder if people in the lifestyle even took valentine’s day seriously?
is the meaning for us just to get some ass with a balloon attached?
or worst,
made to feel bad because we are alone?
do people in the lifestyle really even celebrate valentine’s day?
well, lesbians do.
then again they tend to shack up in about a good week.

judging from that last drug educating entry,
i’m starting to see a pattern in how people in the lifestyle get down.
maybe in life.
we want quick gratification.
no one is about that love anymore.
that pure raw ectascy and passion that comes from being around someone you really love.
you get bored and find a hole more wet and more satisfying than the last.
most of us don’t even love ourselves,
so how the fuck can we love someone else?
this lifestyle is based on a quick nut,
what we know about some damn love?

are red,
violets are blue….

WTF does a Valentine’s Day really mean to you?


21 thoughts on “Nothing Good Happens After 4 A.M on Valentine’s Day

  1. I am currently single , but in the past I have celebrated Vday when I was in a serious relationship. I have decided that when I am again in a serious relationship Vday is going to be like the day b4 and the day after. I wouldn’t celebrate it with some dude I just met or I am just smashing though. So Vday really means nothing to me. My love is worth more than 1 day of recognition. * *I really njoy ur blog, good job.**

    1. ^thank you for the comment and compliment capricorn!

      that is also how I feel too.
      i want it to be special.
      so many people jumped on chat sites to be with someone for that one day and I had to ask myself:

      “don’t you guys do that every other day???”

  2. I have to admit, I hate Valentines day, from the nosy ass co-workers and friends who think Im str8 and want to know what I got my girlfriend, to seeing all the flowers and candy delivered to females and their fake sincerity, and trying to let other girls in the office have it because they didnt get nothing. I have a confession, I have never had a romantic valentines with another dude, the one time, it was supposed to go down, this bitch ass ninja lied and told me that his dad had to be rushed to the emergency room and thats why he didnt come by or call me leaving me hanging on valentines night after I had spent a grip on him. I still wanna put my foot up his ass, especially after I found out he was with another dude partying it up, and the other dude was probably enjoying the gifts I had got him earlier when I took him out to lunch that day. Another year and Im singing the Valentines Day Blues. If your lucky enough to have a sincere love for V-Day, good for you, but all my homies we are about in the same boat with this shit. Oh well there is always Christmas. 🙂

  3. Soooo what you’re saying is you didn’t plan anything for us on Valentine’s Day.

    Some e-Valentne you are. Lol

  4. Today is another day to me I’m gona do my usual schedule which is work, go to the gym, and watch beauty and the beast on CW.

  5. Valentines Day is funny to me because the months leading up to it, all the queens link and try to play like they are in a relationship! Come Feb 15th all of sudden there is trouble in paradise!

  6. Valentine’s Day is special when you have someone. I do not dread the day if I’m single. It’s a couples day. I do not understand why people get upset lol. When you are in a relationship everyday is Valentine’s Day anyway.

  7. I refuse to deprive myself.

    I don’t have any fitness goal deadlines.

    Not trying to get right for Spring Break or Sizzle.

    I’m just making exercise a routine in my life.

    I sound like a damn Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercial.

    “Its a New dawn, new day, a new lifeeee and I’m feelinng gooooooddddd!”


      1. Lmao!

        When is she going to admit she had lapband surgery. She doesn’t look like she’s seen any parts of a gym.

        1. ^when she admits she realizes her head is actually way too big for her body now.
          some big girls look better thick.
          they lose weight and get that bobble head action going on.

    1. Lmao right I’m just waiting for Walmart to put it on sale. Then again I did see the Easter candy out already.

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