Nothing Good Happens After 4 A.M on Valentine’s Day

valentine’s day.
the straight couple’s holiday?
shit i don’t even know if that’s even true anymore.
i just saw a sista in the supermarket buying about 2 tubs of ben and jerrys.
remember when you were a young cub and it actually meant something?
ycolor a heart shaped piece of paper and give it to the girl sitting a couple of rows from you.
maybe you were a playa playyyaaaa and had a chick in another class.
i see you….

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This Will Be (An Everlasting Luck)

I love to hear about happy endings.

I have always liked to hear about people falling in love.
Men, women, aliens… whatever.
It always seem to do something to me on inside.
I use to get sad and wonder when will my Prince come couple years ago.
But, these days, I actually love to hear a good love story.
Makes me want to search harder to find someone to call my own.
But I had to ask:

Are some people just lucky in finding love?

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