Omarion Wants Your “Lust” Back

are we still into omarion aka o-cakes?
ever since he got rid of the bakery,
and did that stint on “lhhh”,
he hasn’t been on my “top 5”.
well he is trying to make a foxhole comeback.
this time,
he wants us to concentrate on his bawdy now.
it looks like he is summer ready

okay now…did i see a print too?
i guess “o-cakes” is now “o-my”.i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Omarion Wants Your “Lust” Back

  1. Omarion is still cute but he hasn’t been on my radar in years. I’m just here for the Tamar Braxton gif lol

  2. No one is checking for him now, so I guess he going to become a thot for gay men ,to lust after so females take notice and he is popping again, no thank you when he showed us how he feels about gay men when he would not film with Milan, so guess what there are so many more thot men out here in these streets that want and respect our attention. Moving on to next.

  3. I wonder how his WIFE feels about these thirst traps that everyone knows a majority of MEN are looking at.

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