The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?

one of our wolf favorites is gone ya’ll.

well not really.
he is just giving a vixen some serious peen now.
i hope she knows how to take it.
and well.
you won’t believe who he is dating

he has snagged model vixen,
eva marcille!

is this a step up or down from:


either way,
they look happy and sexy together.
she even cooked him dinner…

just like a vixen,
or fox,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Future Love Song for Kevin McCall?”

  1. Is it me or does she look like a female version of Terrance Howard? Anyways, cute couple. She stays hooked up with a cutie.

  2. Lance is fine as hell, so he’s definitely a downgrade from him, but not by much tho.

    S/N: Jamari, I see you got JJ over there on the side. He’s going to be a distraction for me oh my god.

  3. Would he be a Wolf………. Hybrid…… Or Fox? Chris Brown’s crew is really suspect. I know that Chris Brown only tops certain dudes. Omarion was one of them. Tyga always gave me bottom too.

  4. must be 2 things:

    kevin must have been getting a rep in the lifestyle and eva had to be brought in for damage control.
    his people hooked them up to bring attention to him and mutual benefit for her.

    this seems business-ey.

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