don’t be a dick ridin’ cheerleader for a dork who knows you shine brighter than them

i got a word for the foxhole that has been sitting inside my spirit.
ima try to pull it out nice…
and easy…

there is someone(s) right now,
that you don’t even realize,
that is jealous and envious of you.
they actually want what you have.

Your career.
Your crib.

we don’t even realize we’re better than them because we’re dick ridin’ (and not in the good way).
i think what happens is…

We get stuck in this place of seeing others being “better” because they shine brighter.

 that doesn’t mean you don’t shine as bright too.
i’ve met a few folks who shined brighter in my eyes,
known as the life of parties,
had a shit ton of people around them,
fucked all the cuties,
but i ended up learning they were always jealous and envious of me.

they were so used to getting shine,
but when i came around,
it shifted all the attention on me.
it’s usually a sensitive narc suffering from trauma who couldn’t handle sharing the spotlight.

throwback: Liar Liar was like that.
She was the “star” at work.
I came and the attention shifted on me,
she tried to sabotage my job.
Funny enough,
she ended up destroying her reputation trying to ruin mine.

some people go the route of dick ridin’.
you know a dick rider when you see them.
it’s always a loud-mouth minion who is actually better than who they serve.

this year,
some of us need to realize we have our own power.
we need to realize many people want what we have too.
it’s the reason for aggression,
or folks acting like dorks for no reason.
we need to drop them and shine solo in our own galaxies.

Never underestimate people’s jealousy.

when we see all the things we got going on and realize we’re dope af,
we will never give anyone a seat on any pedestal.
i don’t care about who has what,
what connections they got,
how big their dicks are,
or how many followers they got on social media.
if you’re an asshole,
i’m not interested,
the hype needs to be a mutual 50/50.
if you’re not giving me the same energy i’m giving…

lowkey: i loved when toni childs meet monica in girlfriends for the first time.
they knew each other’s power and didn’t bend for each other.
it was some “i’ve heard about you” type of shit.
i stanned.

2 thoughts on “don’t be a dick ridin’ cheerleader for a dork who knows you shine brighter than them

  1. Been here lol eventually they fall like flies bc they can’t take organic glow

    Also now that the pandemic unemployment and PPP is spent a lot of
    Em Aren’t flexing anymore

    I’ve noticed a gang of em watching my stories and interacting with my posts again. They need more content to feed off of and emulate . These type
    Of people are in competition with you while you’re being friendly they’re sending ur posts to others asking how u got such and such

    GMO free!!!!

    In this community peoples lives stop after Instagram

    1. ^ it’s really interesting to watch.
      those are who genuine tend to make it.
      i’ve seen plenty IRL drop like flies because they’re ways caught up to them.

      we love to see it.

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