kevin samuels explains why he isn’t gay and should be protected like the gay community


everyone wants to know if the infamous kevin samuels is gay.
it’s because he has been allegedly aggressive and hateful in his advice towards black vixens.
he’s kinda sassy too.
sassy males tend to be gay ones.
either way,
his sexuality has been the target for folks who don’t like him.
you know the deal:

If he’s being nasty to black women then he’s obviously a gay male.”

…which is kinda insulting when you really think about it.
he went on vlad tv where they asked him if he was gay and he said…


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so that was a “yes“?
the folks in the comments on baller alert think he confirmed his sexuality.
the answer was strange,
but all jokes aside,
he was saying that folks love labeling and bashing males they think are gay.
if it’s not cool to bash gay folks then it shouldn’t be fair to bash him.

Did I get it?

i might be reaching but i’m taking it as they’re saying in order for someone to ping “gay,”
they have to be mean and hate black vixens.

we all know some jackals who hate-date vixens and are gay af.
kevin didn’t explain why that random male was sleeping in his bed:

…but they were calling him gay even before ^that.
if we really wanna go there,
the stereotype is:

Some straight black males can be awful to black vixens so he could be right up straight alley.


lowkey: why do i feel like folks miss the real gay males out here?
i guess the hyper-masculinity and countless beards help keep them invisible.

17 thoughts on “kevin samuels explains why he isn’t gay and should be protected like the gay community

  1. I have to be honest, I thought he was “out” this whole time. Maybe not openly, but I just assumed he was gay and dign’t make a big deal out of it. I was shocked when all this happen. I was like, “Y’all didn’t know? It’s not obvious?”

    I have no issues with him and his advice. I just don’t watch him, that simple. People that ask him for advice and get mad are STUPID. Like have you ever watched him before? What did you expect? He’s “mean” to both men and women. It’s just a problem because normally everyone wear kiddie gloves with the subject of women.

  2. You still think that was a dude in his bed? Cause only one person, one chick who hates him said so? Lol. You circled the KS logo but if you watched his broadcasts you’d know that stays on screen no matter who is shown. So if he’s speaking or if he shows someone in the Zoom call speaking it’s ALWAYS on screen. Two. Nobody knows what the other side of his room looks like. Tonya TKO just jumped to that assumption on her own. Y’all only acting on emotion and choosing not to see rationality. And some of his earlier videos he is broadcasting from a different spot would could be the other side of the room that he’s in now or totally different room. But that spot if I remember correctly had a door behind it and wasn’t just a plain wall like in this photo. Three. Again if you watch his broadcast all the way through you know as his platform became more popular he’s had more and more trolls. On this particular broadcast the woman he was talking to even said she sees a man in the zoom room, Kevin then said that’s not a man that’s a Baby Yoda. That’s what he calls his trolls. If This were true then it’s true. But honestly there’s no evidence, you just can’t take what someone said because they’re acting on emotion and run with it.
    Four. The man is an equal opportunist, men get the same energy as well. Y’all just so mad cuz you believe women shouldn’t be made to feel bad but it’s 100% okay for them to make men feel bad?

  3. Honestly… He has been even nastier to men believe it or not! The thing about doing what he does men are not going to listen to another man about how to deal with women only to be insulted! So hence why he is over here talking to women. Honestly these chicks (& occasionally a male or two) show up to get read… Why does it matter who he sleeps with? If you show up to get advance for free you get what you pay for regardless of the sexual orientation of the person giving it.

  4. Having watched more than a few of his video’s
    I do get why people think he’s gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    His shallow obsessions with superficiality as well as his cutting bitchy manner
    all lend to him fitting the stereotype of the gay woman hater.

    As much as he generalizes with his callers, the humorous irony is that
    he can’t take a portion of what he dishes out and cries and whines
    like a 12 yr old petulant sissy that everyone thinks he’s gay.

    At his age he’s old enough to understand the game.
    You put yourself out there as an expert on a large platform
    both helping and tearing down, then you gotta be prepared
    for the potential blowback.

  5. I’m confused, I kinda was getting insinuations that he wanted the gay community to come to his defence? First, that would work against him and second his audience is strictly straight. If a gay person is watching you it is out of curiousity, how we supposed to know if you are getting hate by straight women? See had we come to his defence we would be labelled as woman haters just like they do him and on top of that we would be called jealous and woman wannabes.

    We mind our own business and we are still at fault…

  6. Let’s not get this confused… In conclusion, he is a old DL gay. Fucking niggas and got a family, but makes sure he wear protection.

  7. He doesn’t come off as one of those men that degrade women to make them subservient or ingratiate himself to them (see DerrickJaxn) as is typical. Seems like he does it just to be shady…hence the assumption he’s gay.

    The sassy reads like he’s a judge on Drag Race or America’s Next Top Model don’t help.

  8. Full disclosure- I don’t find him CREDIBLE. so now that I get that off my chest. He didn’t answer the question but HEY its not my circus, not my monkey. Yes, he is particularly blunt and terse towards black sisters and frankly I wrote a comment on one of his episodes that was sent to me that SOME MEN LOVE PUSSY BUT HATE WOMEN. He could be one of them, don’t really care either but he generalizes a lot in his comments and seem to position himself as an authority on how black men feel towards women. I find his credibility fake and wants to be a cross between Dr Phil and Iyanla,Vanzant, both of whom he is not.

    I think he’s just like those FAKE black pastors who has found a way to fleece his own people by parading as a RELATIONSHIP GURU, while possessing no credible reference or notoriety that has put him in that position to give sound and positive advise. A whiny little bitch he is towards black women who for some reason open up to him as if he’s their Jesus Christ!!

  9. I think what Kevin is alluding to is the fact that we weaponize the word gay when it comes to heterosexual people, as if to suggest that the label “gay” suggests something negative. And if that is in fact the case, then why aren’t LGBT people standing up to say that the label gay should not be used as a weapon because being gay is as normal as anything else.

    1. That’s my interpretation as well. If you watch reaction videos, the straight women are using very offensive language and negative stereotypes when “accusing” him of being gay. Using “accusing” intentionally because that’s how they frame it. It’s weird to me that many of these women lack the self-awareness to see they are only proving his point…🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Agreed, crazy thing is gay men have always been HUGE advocates for women, and has used women as their inspiration In a lot of creative endeavors. So how does a man being hard on women equate to him being gay? It’s in a subtle way saying that gay men hate women, and that’s so far from the truth. Kevin isn’t saying anything different from any other straight man he’s just saying it on a public platform. These conversations have been had in the barbershop, bars, football sundays and mancaves. Why are women acting so appalled.

      1. I’m not sure what it is, but I get the feeling that he’s a phony somehow. There’s another gentleman I watch on YouTube with the same kind of beliefs regarding modern women (which is where I discovered Kevin Samuels) that I find very interesting. His channel is MediocreTutorialsandReviews. Not sure what I completely think of Mr. Samuels yet. I’ve been checking out his content. I wondered where his traditional wife is on the internet. I’d like to see what he considers a 10 in the looks department with traditional values, such as saving virginity until marriage. Does anyone know? Anybody’s spouse or at least one ex can be found on the internet. I wanted to see if he’s able to lead by example. Do his words reflect his actions?

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