i’ve found a new game to play on my nintendo switch that i’m obsessed with

i’ve been trying to play my nintendo switch more.
it is such an awesome system to have.
it’s portable and the graphics are chef kiss.



with my gaming group,
i’ll usually play more dead by daylight on ps4,
but i’m just too good and not feeling as challenged.
a friend,
in the gaming group,
has been playing a game on the switch and wanted to play with me once i got it.



This game is so much fun!!!

mario has always been the one to take my gaming virginity.
remember the feeling you got when you beat super mario world?????
i heard there was a secret star world in that game that i never got a chance to play.
super mario 3d world is a mix of:

Super Mario World
Super Mario 2
Mario Party

you can play 4 players in co-op or online mode.
another friend in the group got it as well and we completed the first world.
my favorite characters are toad and peach,
but ima try out mario and luigi.

sidebar: I’m so glad they stopped making Peach a victim out here.
Every other second,
she was getting snatched tf up.
She is one of the best characters in  Smash Bros because she a lil’ goon.
Don’t let the pink fool ya.


if you don’t have a nintendo switch,
i highly suggest that you should get one.
it’s a really dope system to have.
it can a blast with a shit ton of people OR cozy vibes by yourself.
not only that:

They have this section where you can play older NES and Super Nintendo games too!


nostalgia city.
i still remember beating “zelda: a link to the past” and “super meteriod” as a kid.
that shit put me through it and i felt so fulfilled once i beat it.

You can pick up a Nintendo Switch for: $300 | Nintendo Switch Lite (handheld only): $200
( x try best buy)

if you look around,
you can find it on sale tho.
my foxhole game suggestions:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury
Animal Crossing (cozy fuckin vibes)
Mario Kart 8

lemme know what you get!

lowkey: i’m about to get back into zelda: breath of the wild HEAVY.
that is such a beautiful and overwhelming game.
its an open world with no much shit to do.

9 thoughts on “i’ve found a new game to play on my nintendo switch that i’m obsessed with

  1. Jamari, are you getting the OLED?

    I heard the new dock has a 4K chip that Nintendo will enable in the future. They just enabled Bluetooth after all of this time the console’s been out (since 2017). Also, it will receive updates unlike the older dock.

  2. i just so happened to buy a switch because i wanted to play pokemon for some reason… i give these a try since pokemon will get old quickly

  3. I usually already have or play your suggestions so this wasn’t a surprise its soooo good.

    Currently I’ve been playing on the switch:

    New Pokemon snap (which is fantastic)
    Super Mario all stars (cause I never played these when they first arrived)
    Scott pilgrim vs the world
    Ring fit adventure
    Splatoon 2
    Animal crossing new horizon

    (Honorable mention: mario mario kart live: home circuit)

    1. ^scott pilgrom is a game????

      i loved that movie.
      i wanna get into splatoon and i’m def gonna check out allstars.

      1. Its so good if you like side scrolling beat em ups like double dragon you’ll love it.

        I’ve been playing all stars on and off. i love it actually really fantastic set up & it makes me hate I never got into these games when they first came out.

  4. Jamari, I absolutely love when you love on yourself casually.

    “but i’m just too good and not feeling as challenged.”

    Come on Advanced Placement Gamer! Have you considered becoming a professional gamer on the side? They have quite lucrative incomes. I know it might take the fun out of it.

    1. ^seli,
      you are dope.
      never change.
      thank you for always being kind and complimentary.

      i would game on the side tbh.
      i feel like it would be an interesting path to take.
      we shall see because the equipment from that is a beast.

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