the book for the foxhole book club | starting july 1st

so i found a really good book for the “foxhole book club“.
i realized i had bought this book last year on apple books because i wanted to read it over.
this is my first book club so i thought it would be perfect into poppin’ my cherry.
this is the book…

invisible life” by the late e. lynn harris.
my late writing hero and someone who helped me in many ways by his story telling.

i really want to read this again.

I asked the IG foxhole and they are down to read it.

so we will start there.
the ebook costs 11.99 on apple | amazon
you are welcome to get the paperback if you choose.

we will start officially on july 1st,
my birthday month,
and will all meet at the end of the month to discuss.
everyone has a week and a half to get the book!

Can’t wait to read with you!

i will send another reminder before the 1st.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “the book for the foxhole book club | starting july 1st”

  1. Read the whole series. Was really intriguing to take a look into a world that you can’t access. Truly interesting.

  2. I’m definitely down. Eventho I’ve probably already read the sht at least twice lol

    And that’s great that HBO is doing a series.

  3. I have his entire 13 books collection. I remembered when the book came out in 1991. I found the book amazing. It helped me love and accept myself as black and gay. I will always thank E. Lynn Harris for that. Will you be going his catalog in order? I am only asking because his first 3 books were a series.

    Invisible Life
    Just As I am
    As This too Shall Pass

    I cannot wait for the series to come on HBOMax. It has been greenlit for the first three books to be made into series.

  4. Great Idea! July 1st is my Birthday. I have most of his books and want to re-read them and buy the ones I don’t have.

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