f0xmail: Is This Baller Wolf’s Outfit Super F’n Gay or What?


Morning Jamari How’s Florida? Ok anyway I think when a man wears a woman’s item it’s a way of letting the world know a tid bit of they sexuality. Like a scarf in a feminine way or a pair of woman’s clothes. I say this cause one of our fox hole faves is spotted wearing a pair of ugg boots:

imageyes that’s cam cam (cam newton) in a pair of uggs….. This year…… And the pants are tucked in…

what do you think?


well wassup reader.
florida is great!
couldn’t ask for better weather while being here.
now onto my answer…

fashion is a tricky subject.
being from new york,
i see all kinds of different styles and swaggs.
i live in such a bubble out there,
that when i came to florida with lot of non dressers,
its a culture shock and hoping it doesn’t rub off on me.

i use to working with a straight wolf friend of mine.
one day,
he came wearing these FLY dark blue jeans.
i mean they fit his body correctly and the length was on point.
now im always looking for a good pair of jeans,
so i expected him to say levis or something expensive.
he goes:

“yo on the real,
and i know you gonna judge but whatever,
but these are girl jeans.”

128528now i judged a little bit along with “the face”,
but i know he is 100% straight.
it was a little weird because the jeans looked like some fly men’s jeans.
so he goes:

“naw but seriously,
a spanish dude i know put me on to them.
he only wears girl jeans.
he not even gay.
the jeans they make for men aren’t cut good at all.
they always look square-ish especially down at the cuff.
son i got these for 20 dollars at old navy.
go try on a pair and just me.”

i was blown away.
i use to be real “eeeehhh” when it came to fashion,
but coming from a city like new york,
people wear anything to look good.
i don’t judge people based on their fashion choices.
well unless you are extra.
if you gonna wear extra,
you need to be quiet.
let the outfit speak for itself.
fox swagg tip.

yeezus has even admitted he wears/wore girl jeans.
ive also met plenty of thugs in saggin jeans,
wife beaters,
and fitteds to know that style not a gay makes.


cam could just be suffering from the metrosexual disease.
not saying he may not be in the lifestyle,
but i need more evidence than uggs.
like “the uggs on with his legs in the air”.
so i call this one:

“the metro-baller wolf”

although im not really impressed with cam’s swagg.
hope this helps.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “f0xmail: Is This Baller Wolf’s Outfit Super F’n Gay or What?”

  1. Ok I know in NY wearing somthing made for a female may fly. I saw a lot of dudes with women’s shirts on. But as u may notice in Florida the south a whole new world. I’m pretty sure he was just following a trend but ummmmmm uggs seriously cam. And they are tucked in his pants

  2. I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with Cam wearing Uggs. I think its madd dope. I wear Uggs and I don’t look gay at all in them. I have two pair:



    You wouldn’t know they was Uggs unless I told you or folded them down like the chicks do.

    Then there are they too examples:



    Looking up the history of the brand you’d see that they were create for swimmers getting in and out of the water and they need something to keep their feet warm. But off dat, Uggs and fashion isnt gender based, its about the what you do with it.

    Madd dudes in Cali wear Uggs, the east coast dudes just not hip but after a few winters you realize being warm feels better than giving a fuck what some other “un-enlightened” dudes think about ya swagg.

  3. He is straight. That is the way guys dress nowadays. Cam is just happy, he is having a great season and this is how he is expressing his happiness lol.

    The dude next to him dressed down in the panthers apparel can get it, he looks like fox material for sure.

  4. Why would a man even try on women’s pants in the first place?They shouldn’t be shocked when someone thinks they’re gay.The only time I’ve ever worn women’s pants was on accident.I thought they were mens and I grabbed them in the dark.I tell you, these “straight” guys do some suspect ass shit.

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