Terrell Owens Allegedly Got 99 Problems and a New Kid Maybe One?

terrell-owens-turns-37back in his prime,
getting pregnant by that meat would have been a joy.
splashing some terrell owens meat juice inside you woulda been a good idea.
well in 2013 not so much.
a vixen has allegedly gotten pregnant by him.
how much kids would this allegedly be?
bossip had all the low down…

i had to circle that “#mixxedbabymochanation” foolishness.
if this story is true:

1402they both get “the face”.
ever since this story broke,
she has erased all evidence of stupidity and locked ( x her instagram ).
poor snow bunny was excited to get that black peen,
she forgot to do a quick google and a condom run.she must live in a cave.
a cave with no google and no “own” network.
who is going to pay that child support when that herbalife stops?
terrell isn’t any better.
i know he’s depressed and all,
but he has no money to be spawning all these alleged chirrens.
depressed sex is the worst because you may end up with a surprise gift at the end.
i need him to put some money together and get a vasectomy.
no more pussy until that happens t!
no more ya hear me?
allegedly speaking.

lowkey: terrell needs to go bang out some chick with long money.
why is he not pointing that needy peen towards paid pussy?
i know hoes who would buy him the world as long as he keeps his body right and fucks her good.
see: kevin federline and other male gold diggers.
gay for pay the better.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Allegedly Got 99 Problems and a New Kid Maybe One?”

  1. im starting to believe that brothas dont like using condoms these days, from my own experiences and from what i see and hear many people are using contraceptives these days, SN: do you still have your stories up here i used to love to read them they were like the best erotica ever

  2. Is this a damn joke, SMH at this fuckery. I guess when you enter the world of entertainment all bets for common sense are off. Who purposely wants that much aggravation and drama with all of those baby mama’s. Whats really sad is that these brothers and sisters are never going to know each other, other than what they read on the blogs about each other. Its time this dudes grows up, maybe this is going to be his wife, who knows with T.O.

    1. No Words is an understatement ….. but the ironic thing is he is in Atlanta this weekend hosting a “card party” with no vixens in site.

  3. Terrell Owens is a big dummy. He has 4 or 5 kids by baby’s mommas. He apparently doesn’t know that condoms exist and he can’t resist pussy. (With a body like his, there are still gonna be women lined up and around the corner to take his d!#k–despite his being a dummy and being broke or near broke and his having multiple baby’s mommas.) (Buy this dummy some Vaseline and school him on methods of masturbation, please) For her, she got a mixed/biracial kid out of the bargain and got f!@#ed buy a black stud as part of the bargain.

  4. I’m making Will Smith’s Hancock face.

    If he doesn’t want to make his situation better then… smh “oh well.”

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