tumblr_mxodywuhqv1t2ivkpo1_500LAWDDDD NOT QUEENIE!!!
the song they played during that sequence for my feelings<<<<

at least put vaseline on before you fuck me sideways american horror story: coven.
tv shows been killin’ off all my favorite characters this month.
the bullshit, i swear.

lowkey: ironically the episode was named “head”.
watch for all the metaphors.

x watch episode here

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “LAWDDDDDDDD! NO WHY LAWD!

  1. I’m not a cryer., but this show almost brought me to tears. That song was so moving even Delphine ass was in tears. Ummm I’m at a lost for words now

  2. I don’t think she is dead. I think she use so much of her power to kill that guy left her unconscious just like Misty when she brought back that evil religious mother to life.

  3. No lindo he shot her with hexed bullets lethal to witches, That’s why when Marie tried to use her voodoo magic, after getting graze it did not work. if they wanted to save her they could have used the swamp witch to use her power of resurgence and resurrect her. To me big red was outstanding with the scooping out of the councils eyes how genius and dissolving them lmao.

    1. Don’t say that Kinky. She’s alive, she’s alive!!! But let see if the swamp witch does help her tho. I hope so.

  4. This show is EVERYTHING! They’re bringing in the Witch Doctor on the next ep…but we gotta wait til January! :/

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