Help! That Hyena Just Ran Off With My Wolf!

You are:

Too small.
Too big.
Too masculine.
Too feminine.
Too dark.
Too light.


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MEAT (The Intro)

I see fine men daily.
I also see fine ass men online hourly.
I always seem to click the right thing and then I’m going through pages of sexy ass men.

Then I start wondering:

How can I get that?
or Why am I not with that?
What is wrong with me?
Maybe I am not insert what I THINK I am lacking here.

A total mind fuck if I ever saw one.
You know you do it too.
So I thought I’d try something new with IJF.

Something I’m sure my Foxes would enjoy.

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Broke Wolves Don’t Get Assets

I know you want to get this.
I know you want to kiss this.
I know you want to frisk this.
I know you want to love this.
I know you can’t resist this.

…always want to holla,
but you ain’t got no dollars…


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U Need More People


Aren’t you tired of chasing Wolves?
Obsessing over if they are going to call you or return a text?
Being treated like a doormat?
Finding out the REAL deal after you let him beat you down?

It is time for a change in how we deal with Wolves.
This will be the WEREWOLF segment of our programming.

Self esteem check in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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