U Need More People


Aren’t you tired of chasing Wolves?
Obsessing over if they are going to call you or return a text?
Being treated like a doormat?
Finding out the REAL deal after you let him beat you down?

It is time for a change in how we deal with Wolves.
This will be the WEREWOLF segment of our programming.

Self esteem check in 5, 4, 3, 2…

I do not take dude’s seriously these days.

I may smile, laugh, and flirt – but I keep everything above the surface.
I just know that sooner or later, he is going to SHOW. HIS. ASS.

…and usually after I have shown him mine.

you need to always keep in the front part of your brain:


Anytime a Wolf is telling you something,
realize he may JUST be lying to get in that ass.
Dudes will lie on their mother or new born to stick their dick in a warm tight orifice.

Now, not all Wolves lie.
Some of them are truthful and will tell you the REAL.

And I don’t know if you have noticed…

Alot of men have low self esteem and self worth issues.
Just go on Face book and Twitter and you will see.
Look at the pictures and the status messages.
Even these ballers or easy targets.
Why do you think they always get caught up with some ho or queen?

When you look past the image (cars, clothes, trickin in the clubs) and see the bigger picture, it is all revealed in vivid LED picture. Are you really watching, is my question?

(Rule #1213: Never go on surface value.)

So next time you are talking to a Wolf
and he is going on and on and on about what he is going to do for you and how he is going to treat you…


… simply yawn and look at your watch.

Let his actions be your guide.

(Rule #7676: The best conversation you can EVER have with a Wolf is one where he is NOT talking.)

The ONLY time a Wolf will ever be honest is:


… position he will be banging you out from.

Wolves will be honest about how good they will fuck you rather than how good they will treat you.

You ready to think like a WOLF, Foxes?
Class is in session.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “U Need More People”

  1. You ain’t never lied!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jamari! Thankful to see each and every one of your posts. Not sure you know how much you are appreciated.

  2. Dayum, you gonna dog us like that? :-/

    (though it’s kinda true…depending on the type of wolf…)

  3. Sometimes it seems like the more attractive a wolf is, the more he gets a pass to be an asshole. I notice that the less attractive wolves tend to be more relationship-oriented. I definitely want a dude that has sex appeal as well as substance, but it’s like either or sometimes. Thank goodness for good friends and fuck buddies!

    1. Im going to have to co-sign on that first part. I do notice when people i meet are in committed relationships… the partner is usually on the less than side of attractive. The fine ones are kept at an arms distance because they often get by on their looks alone. But as long as allow these men to continue to lie and get away with it… the more it will continue.

  4. A man (and women to some extent) will only get away with what you allow him to. Yes, there will always be chickenheads, jackals, & hyenas to fugg things up & settle for anything, but that doesn’t have to be you.

    if he really wants you, he’ll step his game up if you hold to your standard. If not, his loss. Whoever has the p*ssy really has the power. What Imma do – fugg another Wolf (well…sometimes lol)?

  5. Who Is Jamari Fox? :
    So school em Vain…
    How do you make put these men in check?
    I feel you are onto something…

    I honestly just chop ’em left and right. If their actions don’t match their words they get erased. I never entertain empty conversation with them and often act like we’ve never met. If more of us would hold on to a higher standard, we’d see a change in these men. However, i understand that its easier said than done. We often want connections with these disconnected men so bad that we’re willing to look past things. And its not like we’re coming across a plethora of men who are looking for serious. It seems more than likely that if you won’t give them what they want, they’ll find 9 other boys who will. Continuing to keep these men accountable for their words and actions is the least any one of us can do.

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