Who Want It? (Mario Kart Edition)

Let’s take it to a lighthearted post…

You see this game here?
Ima get a little cocky right now.

and I repeat…
NO ONE can see me in this game.

I am the almighty…
Shit, eternal…

CHAMPION GOD FOX …. of Mario Kart…

I just got off the phone with my best friend from my young cub days.
I found him online and we were catching up on life then and now.
He has 2 kids now and is happily engaged to a beautiful woman.
I am proud of him because while I was out there being a wild child,
he was focused on his future and all that jazz.

We still ended up on a positive path.

If only he knew the reason I’m not tryna have kids….

“Yo, you remember when we use to have those Mario Kart competitions?” He asked.
“Oh the ones where I use to whip ya’lls asses? Yeah I remember.”
“Nawwwwwwwwwwwww not even son.”
“I use to have niggas talkin’ about I was cheating.”
“You was though!”
“LOL – naw I just did the alley oop when ya’ll was sleep.’

How soon we forget.
Not for nothing, we played every Mario Kart made.

I would be like 9 of us in his crib with 4 controllers.

How much you want to bet that I NEVER let go of my controller?

Reason why? —–> Yoshi, Princess, and Bowser (although he was slow as SHIT to take off)


I know all the short cuts,
when and where to throw banana peels,
luck always granted me with lightning bolts and star mans,
when to use red and green shells.


I even made my little cousin cry
cause I hit him with a shell before he was supposed to cross the finish line….
…. and he came in last.

Yeah, I’m that grimey.

I play it now on Wii (even though I hate that Wii wheel)
and I’m STILL schoolin’ people to this day.

It’s noooooooooooottttttttttthin.

Mario Kart is definitely an old school game that everyone has played.
I hear Devin Thomas thinks he is a Mario Kart master.
It’s okay because he hasn’t battled me LOL.

I am VERY competitive.
All those days of playing against my cousin and friends made me the ILLY.

Foxes and Wolves…
We gonna get it in one day and Ima show you….

Don’t cry or claim I cheated though.
I may taunt you more.


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