This New Mario Kart Is Looking Right AF


i am a mario kart champion.
no one can beat me.
no one.
even if i’m playing as bowser’s slow ass.
that is one game that i’m confident in my skills.
i have played damn near every mario kart.
by myself.
with others.
i always won because i’m just that nice.
as soon as i start working again,
i’m getting me a nintendo switch for the new “mario kart 8 deluxe”.

do you see all these characters!?!?!?…

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When Whores Talk About The Rapper Wolves After They Put The Pipe In Em

“I get so dick thrown at me, I got to dodge it like Mario Kart.”

I love whores.
I hate messy whores.
But, I love whores because you learn so much from them.
They are like teachers with a minor in journalism.
I remember the time I actually spoke to a real “stand on the corner” white whore who was a client of my friend’s brother.
She was telling me about how she became a whore, drugs, her pimp, and different fetishes she has dealt with from Wolves.
If you listen, you will learn too.
I got 2 messy whores below who some rappers ran through that have taught me a whoooooooooooooooole lot…

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Who Want It? (Mario Kart Edition)

Let’s take it to a lighthearted post…

You see this game here?
Ima get a little cocky right now.

and I repeat…
NO ONE can see me in this game.

I am the almighty…
Shit, eternal…

CHAMPION GOD FOX …. of Mario Kart…

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